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Alauddin Khilji

Alauddin Khilji

Alauddin Khilji

Alauddin Khilji was one among cruelest kings and the most brutal ruler of Indian history, born on earth. He had killed his own real uncle and his father-in-law Jalal-ud-din to assert his authority over the Delhi throne, While he  was raised by his uncle. He had also blinded and killed his own nephews for fear of an uprising.

He had massacred close to 50,000 Hindus, who had revolted against him.
Sidi Maulah was a Sufi saint and a disciple of Sheikh Farid-ud-din. He used to run a big khanaqah. Jalaluddin had him put to death by an elephant, because he had doubts that the Sufi saint was planning a revolt against him. 

Alauddin was not respected by people because of his sternness, cruelty, oppressive nature, despotism and anti-Hindu policies. He was  unpopular among the people due to his loose moral, immoral character and sensual living.
Malik kafur, who was a hindu slave eunuch , who possessed supreme physical beauty. He was purchased for a thousand dinars by his older master, and that he was called HAZAR DINARI. Alauddin was very much impressed by Malik Kafur because he always gave the most pertinent and practical solution to every problem. Also Alauddin trusted him more than other generals because unlike them he didn’t had a family or followers. Malik Kafur, was a slave captured by Alauddin’s general Nusrat Khan during the 1299 invasion of Gujarat, suddenly become the greatest terror to the Hindu kingdoms, penetrating up to Madurai in South India? Malik Kafur, was converted to Islam by Nusrat Khan. Malik Kafur was originally a hindu.  after he was captured from a wealthy Khwaja of Gujarat. After that , he was presented to Alauddin Khalji.
Khilji appointed,  him, as his General since he was  impressed by him. because he always gave the most pertinent and practical solution to every problem. Also Alauddin trusted him more than other generals because he helped him in his mission of death & destruction.
Coming to his so called achievements :

In 1306, he was dispatched to face the Mongol troops from Chagatai Khanate in Punjab. He completely routed the Mongols . Anyone who stands tall against Mongols, has to have some mettle.

In 1307, he was sent to deal with Yadavas of Devagiri led by Ramachandra. He crushed them &  and acquired rich spoils of yadava dynasty and after playing dirty dance of death & destruction.

In 1309, he went face to face with Kakatiyas of Warangal led by Prataprudra . It took him some time but conquest was complete and he returned to Delhi in 1310 with ample wealth. He destroyed their pilgrimages and killed many innocent people. Alauddin was very pleased and rewarded him generously.

In 1310 itself, he was sent to lock horns with Hoysalas of Dwarsamudra led by king Ballala. By Feb 1311, triumph was achieved consequent to similar acts against the natives .

In 1311, he next besieged Pandyas of Madura and caused massive destruction. By April 1311, conquest was complete. In October 1311, he reached Delhi with huge treasures.
By this time , his status in Alauddin’s court was unparalleled. Soon, he rose to the position of Viceroy.
The extremely arrogant king Alauddin Khilji ruled the Delhi Sultanate from 1296 to 1316 and is known for his military exploits, including the invasion of various regions in the Indian subcontinent. The Khilji invasion refers to the military campaigns led by Alauddin Khilji, the second ruler of the Khilji dynasty in medieval India.
One of the most significant military campaigns led by Alauddin Khilji was the invasion of the southern Indian kingdom of Devagiri (present-day Daulatabad), which took place in 1296. The ruler of Devagiri, Ramachandra, initially resisted Khilji’s forces but eventually surrendered after facing defeat. The invasion of Devagiri allowed Khilji to establish his authority in the Deccan region.
Alauddin Khilji’s most renowned military campaign was his invasion of the kingdom of Gujarat in 1299. Gujarat was ruled by King Karanadeva, who was a powerful and wealthy monarch. Khilji sought to capture Gujarat due to its wealth and strategic location. The invasion lasted for several months, and eventually, Alauddin Khilji emerged victorious, annexing Gujarat into the Delhi Sultanate.
In 1303, Alauddin Khilji launched another major military expedition, this time against the Rajput kingdom of Chittorgarh, ruled by King Ratan Singh. The siege of Chittorgarh is particularly famous for the legendary act of self-sacrifice known as “jauhar” committed by thousands of rajput women of the fort to avoid falling into the hands of the invaders. Despite the resistance, Chittorgarh eventually fell to Khilji’s forces. Apart from these major invasions, Alauddin Khilji conducted numerous other military campaigns to expand his empire and consolidate his power. He also launched expeditions against regions like Malwa, Ranthambore, and the Hoysala kingdom of South India. Alauddin. His invasions had a significant impact on the political landscape of medieval India, contributing to the expansion of the Delhi Sultanate’s cruel domain.

Rajput power had decreased after the death of Samrat Prathviraj Chauhan, they are surviving in their respective kingdom’s, but there were some Kings who defeated even Alauddin.

He was Hammir Dev Chauhan, descendant of Prathviraj Chauhan, he defeated Sultan Jalaluddin Khilji in many battles, when Alauddin became King, he remained silent for many years because that time Hammir dev was powerful, but after sometime Hammir dev engaged in fighting with other kingdom’s, that time Alauddin Khilji was fighting against Mongol Empire on border sides, many Mongol rebels to protect themselves from Alauddin, those Mongols demanded asylum from Hammir Chauhan because he was the only King in those times who had record in defeating Delhi Sultanate, Hammir Chauhan granted Asylum because of “Sharnagat Raksha”

Alauddin after knowing this, sent his Armies to capture Ranthambhor

There are many fights between both armies, most notably Battle of Hindutva Pass where Hammir Dev badly defeated Alauddin Khilji

Alauddin then sent his most powerful general Nusrat Khan and Ulghu Khan with large Armies, both Siezed Ranthambhaur region but again Hammir dev attacked them and in that fields attack, Nusrat Khan was killed and Ulghu Khan was heavily wounded (Remember this Ulghu Khan defeated Mongol armies at Indus region)

Now Alauddin Khilji himself brought entire army to defeat Hammir Chauhan, he Siezed Ranthambhaur for months but got no result, he decided to make pace treaty with Hammir Chauhan (now think such a powerful Sultan was forced to make peace treaty)

As a result, Hammir Chauhan sent his general Ratipal to sign treaty and it was the biggest mistake of his life, Alauddin honoured Ratipal, Ratipal was always jealous of Hammir Chauhan and he had intentions to acquire Ranthambhaur throne, Alauddin benefits from this and bringed Ratipal on his side, Ratipal then told his every secret of Hammir Chauhan’s kingdom, Alauddin also brought Sarjan Shah, the Buddhist food merchant on his side

Alauddin Khilji broke peace treaty again attacked Ranthambhaur fort, after a long seize and defection, he managed to conquer Ranthambhaur fort, Hammir Chauhan decided to offer his head to Mahadev instead of being killed by his enemy. It was the most deadliest campaign for Alauddin Khilji.
Malik Kafur is supposed once poisoned Alauddin Khilji. He passed away in January 1316, due to the swelling of his organs. The swelling was caused to him due to the build up of poison and fluids in his organs. Kafur brought the body of Alauddin from the Siri Place and had it buried in Alauddin’s mausoleum (which had already been built by him before Alauddin’s death.

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