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Amgura Plates of Maha-Jayaraja

Inscription number 48.
Amgura Plates of Maha-Jayaraja (Regnal) year 3. (6th century A, D.).
Provenance: Amgura village, Khariar sub division, Kalahandi district.
Script: Box-headed variety of central Indian Brahmi.
Language: Sanskrit.
Amgura is a small village in Khariar sub division of Kalahandi District. Kalahandi town was founded during ancient times & was a part of Mahakantara territory. During 4th century A.D. when Samudra Gupta led his campaign through this region a king named Vyaghraraja was ruling over Mahakantara. After Vyaghraraja, the Nala kings like Bhavadatta Varman, Arthapati and Skanda Varman ruled over this region up to about 500 A.D. In the 6th century A.D. a new kingdom developed in the Kalahandi tract under Maharaja Tustikara.
The Nuapada area was by that time under the kings of Sarabhapuriya dynasty whose copper plate record and gold coins are available. This region came under the occupation of the Somavamsis of South Kosala during the 8th century A.D. when Mahaivagupta Balarjuna was ruling from his headquarters at Sripur.
References: Smt. S.Trlpathy, J.Ep.SOC, Ind., IV, pp.70-75.
1. From the facsimile in J.Ep.SOC.Ind,IV, pp-73-74
His three other known charters are,
i. Arang Plates of the year 5 (C.I.I. III, pp.19 ff and Plates,
ii. Mallar Grant of the year 5 (Ep.Ind, XXXIII, pp.155 ff. and plates. (Supra, III, 49)
iii) Mallar Grant of the year 9. (ibid XXXV, pp-28ff and Plates; infra III, 50)
2. Expressed by a symbol.
1. Achalasimha figures as the engraver of Maha-Jayaraja’s other three charters.
2. The facsimile of the seal is too dim except the first half of 1.1 and a few letters of 1.2, to be deciphered. Hence the illegible part is reproduced from Smt. Tripathy’s text.

English Translation of the inscription.
Om ! Peace! From Sarabhapura, the illustrious Maha Jayaraja, the devotee of Bhagavat (and) contemplating
on the feet of his mothar and father, commands the residents of Rajyagrama, in the samparaja bhukti district. Let it be known to you that we have granted this village through a copper plate charter and with libation
of water to the Brahmana Vishnusvamin of Kausika lineage and
Vajasaneya (Sakha) for the increase of religious merit of my mother and father and of myself, Having learnt as such
you people, as noted above, should present to him, the due taxes and share, remaining obedient and attentive to his orders. And he advises the future kings, you should also render protection to this gift. And for this reason, the verses sung by Vyasa are also referred to;
(Here follows four of the usual imprecatory verses).

The office of Dutaka (is executed) by order of hls own mouth, In the flourishing victorious year 3, the 7th of
Engraved by the goldsmith Achalasimha.
Seal 0f illustrious Jayaraja, who is the very heart of Prasanna (and) who has crushed enemies with (his)
valour, this is the order, that humbles his enemies.

The implication is that Jayaraja son of Prasana i.e Parsannamatra, whose coins are found in large numbers in Khariar region. ( See Ep.Ind, IX, pp-170ff)

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