Arang Copper-plate

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Inscription number 35.
Arang Copper-plate of Bhimsena 2.
Gupta Year 282 ( = 601 A.D.).
Provenance: Arang, 35 km. East of Raipur, the headquarters
of the Chhattisgarh Division, Madhya Pradesh.
Arang, an ancient town, is famous for ancient hindu temples and was
which was ruled by haihayas dynasity. The Hindu temples belong to the 11th and 12th centuries; these are the Mand Deval Jain temple, the Mahamaya temple, the Panchmukhi temple and the Hanuman temple. Anang was a religious capital of hindus, under direct control of Hindu kings. The Mand Deval Jain temple is the most ancient among these temples.
The inscriptlon names five ancestors of Bhimsena (2), but the name of the dynasty is not stated. since the year is specifically given in Gupta era, the ancestors of Bhimsena must have been vassals of the Imperial Guptas. Allahabad Pillar inscription mentions/king Mahendra of South Kosala, whom samudragupta captured and then released, presumably reinstated. If so,
Bhinsena’s line may have sprung from him.
The Sanskrit inscription is a Hindu king’s donations and grant of a village, which is located on the bank of river Mahanadi and is a rich archaeologist site of numerous Buddhist, Hindu and ancient Jain monasteries and hindu temples.
1. From the facsimile in Ep.Ind., X, facing pp.344.
2. Expressed by the spiral symbol.
3. Hira Lal
Sten Konow (Ibid, pp.344 n.4)
suvarna-nadi was also known in sanskrit literature as the Hiranyavaha or Hiranyavahin. It has been mentioned in the Ramayana of valmiki and in the Bhagavata Purana, and was considered very sacred. Known to Arrian by both the names, namely, the sonos and the Erannoboas, it has been identified
with modern son, which rises in Amarkantak hills, and after a course of about 64 km in chhattisgarh,
finally joins the Ganges. Bhimasena issued the present charter from this river, not from another Son flowing in the south of Bilaspur district,
joining the Borai which falls into Mahanadi.
English Translation of the inscription.
Seal of Sri Maharaja Bhimasena.
Om! Hail From suvarna-nadi, the illustrious Maharaja Bhimasena, possessed of power and success,
triumphant with virtue (and) giver of many lawfully acquired
jewels, cows, land, gold, precious metals etc. (was) the
grand son of Sri Maharaja Sura, (who was) equal to past virtuous royal sages in lineage, power and fame the grand son of Sri Maharaja Dayita, who was beloved of his subjects, the
son of Sri Maharaja Vibhishana, to whom feudatory kings bowed
and who was terrific to his enemies. His (Bhimasena’s) son (was) Sri Maharaja Dayitavarman, the follower of his

(The mark of punctuation is repeated, the first is the usual one and the second consists of two straight vertical strokes)
(father’s) conduct, whose court was attended by virtuous and by great (personages). His son Sri Maharaja Bhima sena, who meditates on his (father’ s feet and is extremely
devoted to the gods, preceptors and Brahmanas, being in good
health, and wishing good health to the Brahmanas and other inhabitants of Vatapallikaa in the district of Donda,
orders (as follows)
“This village is given by me, while enjoying prosperity, for increasing the religious merit of my mother, father and
myself to the Rigvedic students, Harisvamin and Bappa (=Vaptri)
svamin both of Bharadvaja gotra as an agrahara, with all the revenues, fixing it till the time of the great dissolution of
the universe. Therefore, being obedient to their commands, you should render (to them) the due revenues, such as
measurable commodities, gold, bullion etc. If anybody, being regardless of the two worlds. and wishing to go to hell within past and as many future generations of his family, does, causes to be done or assents to, even a small harm here (i.e. to this charity), he should be joined to the five great sins and also minor sins.
Moreover, on this matter it has
been said by venerable vyasa
(Here follows one of the usual imprecatory verses).
In the year of the Guptas in hundreds 200(+) 80(+)2,
(in the month of) Bhadra (pada), on the day 10(+)8. Prince Subhadra was the dutaka (i.e., the officer carrying the
king’s order) . Engraved by Lakshmana.
Of so many Badapalis in chhattisgarh district, the one nearest Donda or Dunda, is the one situated
24 km. west of Arang and about 80 km. east of Donda.
,2. An agricultural village granted with certain immunities in favour of a god or a brahmana.

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