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15. EUTHYDEMUS I. King of Bactria. 220 to 192 B.C.
1. AR Attic tetradrachm. B.M.
References: E.J. Rapson, C.H.I. PL.III. 1; M.V.D. Mohan, Indo Greek Coins, pp. 181-82, pl.I, 3.
Obv: In dotted circle, head of king r. died as on no 1, above.
Rev.: Naked Heracles seated 1. on rocks, club held in r. hand rests on a pillar of stones in front. To r
2. Attic tetradrachm. B.M.
References: E.J. Rapson, C.H.I., PL.III.2: R. B. whitehead, L.M.C. Section I, p.11. no.8, Pl.I; Also V. A. Smith,
I.M.C. Section I, no-4, Pl.1.4.; M. V. D. Mohan, Indo Greek Coins. p. 182, Pl.I, 4.

1. In the Second century B.C. numerous princes of Greek origin ruled over small principalities in the extreme northwest of the Indian sub-continent. Literature is silent about most of them. ‘The ancient Greek writers took notice of only four of them, namely, Demotrius, Apollodotus, Menander and Eucratides, while the ancient Indian literature knew only the first three.
One more Greek prince, e.g. Antialkidas of Taxila, is known from the Garuda pillar inscription at Besnager (ancient Vidisa) near Gwalior, with his ambassador. Heliodorus (see above. page)
Antialkidas means victorious. He was an indo greek king, who reigned from his capital Taxila. He ruled from 115 to 95 BC
Antialkidas is also known through his many silver coins, wearing a helmet with bull’s horns or a flat kausia. His picture throwing a spear, also appears on the silver coins issued by him.
We have, however, discovered during the last hundred years vast hoards of coins issued by the Indo Greek princes. They revealed to us the existence of some thirty-six rulers; including two Queens Agathocleia and Calliope. It’is evident that many. of them ruled contemporaneously over different regions.
Agathocleia means Goddess. She was married to Menander 1, who ruled in parts of northern India in the 2nd-century BC. She was daughter of Eucratided. She became the first woman to rule a sovereign country. Her presence on large number of Indo Greek coins is an evidence of her influence in the region.

Calliope was an Indo-Greek queen and wife of Hermaeus of Eucratid Dynasty, who ruled vast territory of Paropamisade in the Hindu Kush region. Her reign dates from the first quarter of the first century BC.
Kalliope and Hermaeus jointly issued many silver coins, containing busts of them both. The reverse of the coins showed, the king on a horse.

DIODOTUS X. King of Bactria 250 to 230 BC Attic tetradracium B M References: A K Narayan, Indo-Greeks; Pl.I,1
Dr M V D Mohan, Indo Greek Coins , p.181, and Plate 1
In dotted circle, head of Diodotus one r, diadamed with one end floating freely behind and the other hanging stiffly down
Reverse: Zeus 1. with aegis, hurling thunderbolt. To 1. wreath and eagle
Locations and dates are based on the conclusions arrived at in the work, North-west India of the Second Century BC by Dr M V D MOHAN

14 DIODOT II “King of Bactria. 230 to 220 B.C.
FR Attic tetradrachm. B.M.
References: Bede Rapson, C.H.I, P 1- II-13, Dr A.K. Narain, Indo-Greeks,:P.l..3.;
Dr M V D Mohan, Indo Greek Coins, p.181, P1.I.2.
Obv.1 In dotted circle, head of Diodotus II r., died: as on no 1 above
Rev.: Zeus striding l., hurling thunderbolt, aegis on 1
Arm, wreath underneath it and O Y in between 5 near 1 foot eagle 1

15. EUTHYDEMUS I. King of Bactria. 220 to 192 BC.
A: Attic tetradraohm. B.M.

References? E J Rapson C.H.I pl-III-1
Indo greek coins Dr M V D Mohan pp 181-182 , Pl-I,3,
Obv.1 In dotted circle head of king died as on no 1 above
Rev. 1 Naked Heracles Seated 1 on rocks, club held in r. hand rests on a pillar of stones in front.
To r.mon.6.R

2 Attic tetradrachm. B.M.

References: E J. Rapson, C.H.I, Pl.III.2, R B Whitehead, LMC, Section I, p.11, no.8, P1-I; Also V.A. Smith, TMC, Section I, no-4, Pl.l.4, Dr M.V.D. Mohan,
Indo Greek Coins Coins. .p 182, Pl-I, 4

16. DEMATRIUS I. King-of Bactria — 192 to 175 B.C.
1 Attic Tetradrachm. Issued as sub-king before 192 B.C.B.M.
“References? DR A K: Narain. Indo-Greeks, Dr M V D Mohan, Indo Greek Coins, p.182; P1.I, 5.
Contd – Refer Ancient Indian Inscriptions Volume 1 By Dr M V D Mohan

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