Adequate evidence of the religion of the Dasyus during the long period in which they have formed an important element in the society of Ancient India is not available. The meaning of the word Dass is “A Real Man” and this has been described in the Khotanise dialect. The word “Dassa” is contained in the name of a famous Vedic kings also. Several other protagonist people in the Rig Veda also have “Dassa” in their name.Dassa also means “Heaven’s Slave” as per Rig Veda. These include Kings Sudasa and Grtsamadas. Dasyu is a term that could also be applied to Vedic kings. In the battle of the Ten Kings in the Rig Veda, the king Sudas calls his enemies “Dasyu” which included Vedic peoples like the Anus, Druhyus, Turvashas, and even Purus.
There is also mention of Dasa Balbutha Taruksa, who was a patron of a seer and who was distinguished by his generosity. There are several hymns in the Rigveda that refer to Dasa and Aryan enemies. As per Rigvedic verses, the Aryas and the Dasas stood united against their enemies. Dasyus were tree and serpent worshippers, and their principal deity was “Earth God”, to whom they offered human sacrifices till within a very recent period. Dasyus
They seem too to have practised all kinds of worship, as most ancient Indians used to do, in their early state of civilisation. Presumably most of the Dasyus in India, converted to Budhism though Budha himself was an Aryan.


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