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Hindu Religion & Culture – 1
Every nation has a culture, which is recognised as a soul of the nation. Culture is an internal force that helps a nation to maintain its special status. India remained dependent and weak for several years, but the natives i.e. sanatna dharma followers, kept their culture alive in some or other way. Many cultures have flourished and perished in this world, but sanatna dharma has endured, because it is a friendly belief and has evolved dynamically through ages.
The followers of this belief respect human life and do not believe in the alien stone age beliefs of death & destruction. Hinduism is an eternal and dynamic culture. Several sages, since last several centuries, have made improvements in Hindu belief, as per the need of the society. Manu Smriti, Vasishtha Smriti, Parashara Smriti, Narad Smriti etc. are examples of this.

The field of hindu culture is very wide. It is impossible to tie it to particular definition, just like Abrahimic beliefs, which are based on teachings of one prophet & one scripture. It therefore can be said that hindu culture is collective achievement of the development of the entire humanity. That, hindu culture is the best efforts or the best expression of humanity, & help us awakening spirituality among masses.

There are many basic ideals or basic elements of Indian culture, such as faith in unmanifested power, spiritualism and religion, spirit of sacrifice, importance of motherland, nature-worship, sense of coordination, protection of mother cow, tolerance, karmaism, education system, Ideal family.
Seeing the universe, man thought that there must be someone who is the creator of the universe. Believing in the power of that unmanifested power, its names kept changing according to time, place, situation and nature. All non-living beings are born in a special rule, & thereafter evolve, and decay as per a definite law and this immutable natural law was taught by our hindu sages. This unmanifest power, was called ‘Brahman’ and named as “Rit”.
Unlike the western & islamic cultures, Hindus do not limit themselves to this world only, but also try to connect with divinity, while living in this world. And this is the reason an average hindu, does not want to spoil his parlok (Divine world) by being unrighteous and get involved in culture of Rape, loot, murders, which prevalent in some alien societies.

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