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There is only one God. Hindu India accepted each God as a reincarnation of the Supreme ie the God. If you observe an Ocean, you will see so many small, medium and big waves?  Where have they come from ? Until they appear as waves we call them a wave, then they merge again into the Ocean, All the waves are similar. How many waves are there totally in the Ocean? Can we really  count? So is the case of various paths leading to God or one may say that there are  crores of Gods or messengers of Gods  ie not only a few  crores but entire population on Earth may be considered  Gods ie billions of Gods. How many ? We really do not know. All that exists in Universe is nothing but part and parcel of the cosmic force or the God or the Brahman. So, the thought, the mind, the thinking, the dream, the dreamer, the Miserliness, The Bravery, the Timidness, the Knowledge, the Education, The ignorance, The arrogance, The innocence, The Sickness, The Health, The body, The house we live in, The garden (Vana Devata), The satisfaction, The dissatisfaction, The happiness, The unhappiness etc so many things , all things in the life are vitally important and seen as Gods. This is nothing but the expression that every thing in the universe is God, All animate & Inanimate Things or beings are God. there is nothing that is not God. Therefore to understand the concept of God and our origin, this is important to know about hinduism and our ancestors


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