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Hindus worship one God only but paths, of reaching the God are many.Vedas say ‘ekam sath(truth is One)’. ‘But the wise call It by many names’
The Tamil hymn:”oru namam ore uruvam illarkku pala namam solli thellenum kottomo?”
“Shall we not sing the praise of our lord beating our drum, with many names to whom there is no name nor form?”

Mythological heroes and chieftain of the villagers and other nobles who did remarkable deeds are worshipped by Hindus and through those images also the Almighty God who does not have form is perceived.

The ‘bhava(attitude)’ concept is in ‘bhakthi yoga(devotional path)’ You can choose one bhava and imagine your mental picture of God for easy remembering and recall. The bhava depends upon your natural endowments. The same Krishna can be conceived as a baby, mischievous playful boy, a cowherd, a flutist, a giant who can lift a mountain, a lover who plays with many girls, a king, an ambassador, a charioteer, a teacher, a friend, a brother, son, a guru, and an avatar of God—the description is endless.
So with other deities. So the number of deities are infinite.

God is infinite. Is it not? So why confine Him only to one name? Let their be as many names as possible to the same God –the one God,.
The sanatan dharam is often referred as hinduism is to be understood properly. Otherwise there is a scope for confusion and misunderstanding the Dharma.(The way of living & the way of understanding things around us)

The life on Earth , say for Humans is dependent on so many factors,
We do not recognise or we do not see the value and take it for granted so many things that are essential for our living & are freely & abundantly available in nature.

The air we breathe, the water we drink, the fruits and greens we eat (In the By gone days they were never sold , and are freely available to us)…..we do not ponder over these.

The HINDUS (The Rishis) saw them in the real Perspective and realised the Importance of those things which are innumerable.
They felt that the Creator who made all those things freely available shall be NOBLEST OF THE NOBLE.

They felt they should express GRATITUDE to these essential things that were so magnanimously provided in abundance.

The Rani…it is important to our living more .Water is needed for our daily consumption and we can not live without water.water is needed for agriculture.Water is needed for our cleanliness and so many other things.So the Rishis gave Godhood and called the Rain as Rain God Varuna Deva.
Similarly the Fire that is so important to keep us alive, is called Agni Deva or Jaata Veda.
The Air we breath is Vayuu devta.

The Erath we stand on from birth to death, is called bhoomi devi

The Space or akaash(Sky) is called Aakash Deva.

All the plants in the nature are vanaspatis , the Medicinal plants and are adorned as Vriksha Devataas and Vanaspatis.

Even the Sleep we so unknowingly slip every day night, we do not know its value unless we suffer a disease when you can not sleep in spite of best comforts. It is called nidra devata

The Money is called Aiswarya devata.
The Poverty is called Daridra Devata (Jyesta)

Similarly if I give list it is almost an endless one. All that exists in Universe is  God or brahman the thought, the mind, the thinking, the dream, the dreamer, the Miserliness, The Bravery, the Timidness, the Knowledge, the Education, The ignorance, The arrogance, The innocence, The Sickness, The Health, The body, The house we live in, The garden (Vana Devata), The satisfaction, The dissatisfaction, The happiness, The unhappiness,……..etc so many things , all things in the life are vitally important and seen as gods. This is nothing but the expression that every thing in the universe is God, All animate & Inanimate Things or beings are god. there is nothing that is not God .

Sahasra means infinite So all the heads & eyes and bodies are — He only —
To understand this a basic understanding of Sanatna Dharam is required
So you will yourself say that there are three crores of God — ie not only three crores but entire population on Earth are Gods —– ie billions of gods — How many we really do not know
Please try to grasp & understand the meaning behind this — it is the Sanatna dharama alone that can explain this fact fully — & explain the God

There is only one Brahman ie the God

Hinduism accepted each God as a reincarnation of the Supreme ie One God
If you observe an Ocean, you will see so many small, medium and big waves?
Where have they come from ?
Until they appear as waves we call them a wave, then it merges again into the Ocean, All the waves are similar. How many waves are there totally in the Ocean? Can you count?

They are many ————-but ocean is one only

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