Inscriptions of Skandagupta

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Skandagupta was a son of the Gupta emperor, kumaragupta 1.
He was a powerful king of ancient India. He restored the Gupta power by defeating many of his enemies, who may have been rebels or foreign invaders or traitors within his empire. He repulsed an invasion by the Indo-Hephthalites, probably the Kidarites.
By defeating Pushyamitras during his initial years of ascendancy, Skandagupta proved his ability to rule and took upon himself the title of Vikramaditya. He had also successfully repulsed a number of Hun attacks in the northwest during 460 CE.  A line of the Bhitari inscription states that Skandagupta was “raised to Aryan status by the panegyrics of bards.
Another inscription states that after restoring the fallen fortunes of his family by defeating his all enemies, he had visited his mother once, just like the legendary hero Krishna. As per a few scholars, his mother was from a low cast and junior queen.
Skandagupta restored his mother’s position to prestige and power, just like Krishna did for Devaki.

Inscription number 27
Kahaum Stone Pillar Inscription of Skandagupta, Gupta Year 141 (460 A.D.)
Provenance: Kahaum or Kaharam, Gorakhpur district. UP.
Script: Late Northern Brahmi.
Language: Sanskrit.
Metre: vv.1-3, सुग्धरा
References: Games Princep, J.A.S.B VII, pp. 37 f.Cunningham A.S.I. pp93f. Bhagwan Lal Indra ji, Ind.Ant X, pp125 . Fleet. C.I.I. No 15, pp 65, Bhandarkar’s list no 1278, (for other
references) D.C. Sircar Sel.Inss.
pp 316-17.

1 From the facsimile in C.I.I, III, Pl. ix, A,. (facing pp68).
2. engraved in the left margin, सि against 1.2 and
below it
3. A sign here like a punctuation mark, is the engraver ‘s slip.
4. = peaceful, i.e undisturbed by enemies or calamities.
Skandagupta ‘s early reign was much disturbed by external
aggressions and perhaps also from internal struggle for
power in the royal family. By the year 141 (= 460 A, D.) he had overcome all opposition from his rivals and external foes and bought peace to the land.
English Translation of the inscription

L 1 Success
Ll.1-4 In the tranquil reign of Skandagupta, whose hall
of audience is famed by the breezes stirred by the falling down (in the act of performing obeisance) of the
heads of hundred of kings who bom is born in the lineage of
the guptas, whose fame is spread far and wide, who excels

all others in prosperity, when resembles (the God) Indra
(and) who is the lord of hundred of kings, in the one
hundredth year increased by thirty and ten and one (i.e. one hundred and fortyfirst) the month Jyeshtha having
L1.5-8 In this jewel of a village, which is known by people, under the name Kakubha, which is pure because of association with holy men, (there is)the high-minded Bhatisoma, who was the son of Somila, a treasure house of many good qualities. His son Rudrasoma, of great intellect
and fame,, who had the other appellation of Vyaghre.
His son was Madra, who (was) mostly full of affection for Brahmanas, preceptors and ascetics.
Ll.9-12: He being alarmed at seeing the transience of the whole of this world, built up a pile of religious merit
bg establishing (the images of) the five Jinendras, made of mountain rocks, who were the early founder of the
(sects of) the Arhate who practised religious observances,
For the sake of final beatitude and for the welfare of (all) the beings and then was planted this beautiful
pillar of stone, which resembles the tip of the summit of the best of mountains, which confers fame (on him).

1. Old name of Kahaum.
2. अर्हतामादिकतृन पंण्चेन्र्दान refers to the five Jinendras
namely Adinatha, Santinatha, Neminatha, Parsvanatha and
Mahavira, who were the early founder of the sect among the Arhats.
These five Jaina Tirthankaras are sculptured on this column.
धरणिधरमयान् = शिलामयान्

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