Isapur Yupa Inscription

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80. Isapur Yupa Inscription of the time of Vasishka, Saka Year 24 (= AD. 102)

Provenance; Isapur, near Mathura, (Uttara Pradesh)
Script: Brahmi
Language: Sanskrit
References: J. Ph. Vogel, A.S.R, 1910-11, pp. 40 ff D.C. Sircar,
Sel.Inss, I, pp-151-52, Number 47 A,

1. From the facsimile in C.I.I, II, Pt. 1,
Cunningnam: स्वति शिरी and then स्वतिशिव
&. E Thomas and Dowson कविशिव
Senart स्वरशिव
Pargiter कवो शिआ or कविशिआ
3 Cunninghan: फुक
Dowson फूकक
4. Kapishaka may be the proper name of the Kshatrapa ór it may be an adjective from Kapisi, meáning ‘of the Kshatrapa of Kapisi. The town of Kapisi or Kapisa, stood just south of the Hindu Kush on the confuence of the Panjshir and
Ghorband rivers and was the capital of the province of Kapisa (See M. V. D. Mohan North West India Page 2)
1. सिद्धम्  महाराजस्य राजातिराजस्य देवपु
2. त्रस्य षाहेव्वोसिध्कस्य राज्य-संवत्सरे च
-3. तुविंशे २० + ४ ग्रीष्मा – ग्रीष्म मासे  चतुत्र्यै ४ दिवसे
4. त्रिंश 30 अस्य़ां पूव्र्वयां रूद्रिल-पुत्रेण द्रोण
5. लेन ब्राह्मणेन भारद्वाज-सगो त्त्रेण मा
6. ण-च्छन्दोमेन इष्ट्वा सत्त्रेण  द्वादगरात्रेण
7. यूप: प्रतिष्ठा पितः  प्रियन्तामग्नय:

हिन्दी अनुवाद
सिद्धि होवे । महाराज राजातिराज देवपुत्र षाहि दासिष्क के चौबीसवें, २४, राज्य संवत्सर में, चौथे  ग्रीष्म-मास में, तीसवें ३० दिन । इस पूर्वोक्त तीथी  में रूद्रिल के पुत्र भारद्वाज गोत्रीय सामवेदी ब्राह्मण द्रोणल ने द्वादशरात्र नामक सत्र का अनुष्ठान करके यूप ( यज्ञ-स्तम्भ ) स्थापित किया । अग्नियां प्रसन्न होवें ।
1.  From the facsimile in A.S.R. 1910-11. p.42, P1-XIV.

English Translation of the Inscription
Success in the regnal year twenty four-24 of Maharaja Rajatiraja Devaputra shahi Vasishka in the fourth-4 month of summer on the thirtieth–30th-day. On this aforesaid
date by Dronala, the son of Rudrila and a Brahmana of Bharadvaja lineage (gotra) and a student of Samaveda after having Performed the Duvadesha-ratra (Twelve-night) sacrifice,
this sacrificial pillar was established. Let the fires be pleased (propitiated)

It is pertinent to mention here that the country of Uttarāpatha received its name from Uttara-patha or the Northern Highway that spanned it
from end to end. This busy trade route sprang up in the famous port of Tamralipti off the Bay of Bengal, and
Saketa, passed through the ancient cities of Pațaliputra, Saketa,
Kausambi, Mathurä, Indraprastha (Delhi),Rohitaka,
Prithüdaka (Pehova), Sunetra (near Ludhiana), Jalandhara,
Sakala and Takshila. At Udbhandapura (mod. Ohind), about four miles above the confluence of the Indus with
the Kubha (Kabul), it crossed the former by a pontoon bridge. Thence taking a north-westerly course upstream alongside the Kubhă, it passed through the city of Pushalavati (mod. Charsadda). Leaving Cophen (Kabul ) slightly to the west, it touched Nikaea and reached Kapiśi (Kapisa)
The last city stood near the place where the Ghorband and the Panjshir unite their waters to become the Kabul river.
The village of Begram now stands on this spot. At Kapiśi (Kapisa) the road forked out into two branches. One
went up the Kushan Pass and the other ran upstream along the Panjshir till near the source of the river it climbed the Khawak Pass, Having crossed the Hindu Koh over these two Passes, both of them descended into the city of Vahlika or Bactria. From Kāpiśi, another route branched off along the Ghorband towards Bamian, Herat and Merv.
Bactra was junction of several trades.

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Citation requested”
Sanskrit, Hindi & English Translation of the ancient Inscriptions, by Dr Mehta Vasishtha Dev Mohan –
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Research scholars of religious and political history of India are requested to give due Citation to this research work.
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