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Junnar Cave Inscripiton

Inscription number 133.

Junnar Cave Inscription of tne time of Nahapana
(C119-24 A. D.)-Saka year 46 ( 124 A.D.)
Provenance: Junnar (in the 4th excavation on the eastern
side of Manmodi Hill) Pune district. Maharashtra.
Script: Brahmi.
Language: Prakrit.
References J.B. Burgess and Pt. B. Indraji, Ins. from Cave
Temples of western India.1976. pp.51 f.
Burgess and Buhler Arch. Surv. W Ind. IV, pp.103. D.C. Sirkar, Sel.Inss, . pp.17q2-73.


1. From the Plate in Arch. Surv.W. Ind., IV, PI.LIV, No. 11 ( Junnar no. 32). For other references see Luders ‘List No. 1174.

2. Scholars generally take पोढ़ा in the sense of a or cistern. These water cisterns are found dug out in the rock mostly near the entrance of the
rock-cut caves of thee Deccan. Some of these like those in the elephanta Caves are huge Underground
tanks. But Philologically the word should be derived from Sanskrit.प्रपदा
meaning a flight of steps. such as are found leading to water in
a step well or to a cave in a mountain side. In Punjabi पोड़ी is still used in the sense of a flight of steps or a staircase.
The word originally must have meant a step-well, and later came to be
used in the sense of a water-hole generally.
Text of the inscription
1. (रात्रो ) महखतपस सामि नहपानस
2. (आ) मतस वठ समोतस अयमस
3. (दे)(यथम) च (पो) ढ़ि मटपो च पुत्रथय वस
+) 6 कतो
संस्कृत छाया
राज्ञ: महाक्षत्रपस्य स्वामि -महापानस्य अमात्यस्य वत्स-सगोत्रस्य अर्यम्नः देयधर्म= धर्मोच्यार्थ दानं प्रहि 
प्रपदी दापी, उदपानं निपानं मण्डप: = विश्रामगृहं  ‘ च पुण्यार्थाय वर्षे षटचत्वारिंश) 46 कृप:
हिन्दी अनुवाद
राजा महाक्षत्रपस्य स्वामी नहपान के अमात्य वत्स-गोत्रीय अर्यमन के धर्म दान, निपान तथा मण्डप  पुण्यार्थ 
धर्मार्थ, अर्थात्  निःशुल्क उपयोग के लिए वर्ष 46
में बनाए गए ।

English Translation of the inscription

In the year 46 were constructed tne cistern and the vault (rest house) for earning merit (i.e. for the purpose of free use) and (they) are the pious gift of Aryaman of vatsa gotra, the minister of the king and Mahakshatrap, Lord Nahapana. Sakas of westen India

(b Kardamaka Faily (House of Chashtena)

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