Karle Cave Inscription

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Inscription number 132.

Karle Cave Inscription of the time of Nahapana (C 119- 24 A D.)
Provenance: Karle. Distt Pune, Maharashtra. On the upper frieze to the right of the central door or tha Chaitya cave.
Script Brahmi.
Language Prakrit
Reference: Burgess and Buhler, Arch.Surv. W.Ind.. 1V. pp-101, Senart. EP.Ind. VII, pp57 ff.. No. 13,
SeI.Inss, pp.171-72.
Text of the inscription
1. सिद्धं रजो बहरावस जतपस नहयानस ज़ा ( म ) तरा (दिनीक)
पुतेन उसभदातेन ( ति )
2. गो सतसहस (दे) ण नदिया दर्णासाया सुवण (ति) धकरेन (देवतान )
ब्रहमण च सोठस गा
3. म दे (न) अ पभासे पुत तिथे ब्राहमणाण अठ भाया प (देन) अ
नुवास पितु सत सहसं (भो )
4. जययित वलूरकेसू त्वेण – वासिनं पव जितानं चातुदिसस सघस
5. यापणथ मामो कर जिको दतो स वा न वा स -वासितानं
संस्कृत छाया
सिद्धम् ।। राज्ञः क्षहरातस्य क्षत्रपस्य नहपानस्य जामात्रा दीनीक-पुत्रेण ऋषभदत्तेन त्रि-गो-शतसहस्र -देन, नद्यां पर्णाशायां  सुवर्णदान-तीर्थ-करेण  देवताभ्यो ब्राह्मणभ्यच षोडश-ग्राम-देन, प्रभासे  पूत-तीर्थे ब्राह्मणेभ्य:
अष्ट-भार्या  प्रदेन, अनुवर्ष पित्रे = स्वर्गतं  पितरं प्राणियतुं ) (ब्राह्मणाणां  ) शतसा हस्री  भोजयित्रा, वलूरकेषु लयन-वासिभ्य: प्रव्रजितेभ्यः चातुर्दिदशस्य संघस्य (वर्षा  मासान् ) यापनार्थ ग्राम: कराज़िक: दत्त: सर्वेभ्यः वर्षासु विवासिभ्यः  मिक्षुभ्य: ”
1. From the Plates in Ep.Ind, VII, pp.64 Carle Inscription Plate.II, No 13 and Arch Surv,.W Ind. IV, pp 101,For references see Luders List No 1099. This record may have been copied from original coper Plate grant.
2. Compare the phrase * सुवणे दान तीर्थ करेण in his Nasik Cave Inscription. Supra, No.13

1. Modern Elura according to Bombay Gaz,I,ii,, p.391, But D. C Sirkar rejects this in favour of Karle its self,
see sel.Inss I, P.172, n.1.
2. Karle Cave Inscription of the year 14, EP. Ind. VII, pp.64. No. 19, also records the donation of village Karajaka to the Mahasanghika monks dweling in
the caves of Valuraka, by a king, whose name is lost,
but who is to be identified with either Gautamiputra Satakami or vashishthiputra Pulumavi indicating
wresting Pune regon by Satavahanas from the Kanaharatas.
3. E.Senart. EP.Ind. VII, pp.60-61, explains the addition of this Phrase to the text to indicate that the donation was made for the benefit of monks of all sects and all localities. The intention of the donor was to clarify that the donation meant for all monks,
without any restriction in respect of their Organisational or sectarian and geographical affiliations.
English Translation of the inscription
Success ! Ushavadata Rishabhadatta), Dinika’s son, son-in-law of Kanatrapa Nahapana the Kahaharata king,
who made a gift of three hundred thousand cows, who made
gifts of gold and got bathing ghats constructed on the river Parnasa, who made a gift of sixteen villages to Gods
and Brahmanas, who gave eight wives to Brahmanas at Prabhasa,
the holy tirtha, who causes hundred thousand ( Brahmanas) to be fed every year for the sake of his (late) father
(1.e. by way of a feast for the manes) has donated the village, Karajika, for provisioning of the monks belonging
to the Samgha of all directions, and dislocated during rains.

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