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Inscription number 52.
Nahna Copper-plate of Maha-Sudeva – Regnal year 2.
This copper-plate grant of Maha-Sudeva, son of Durga alias Manamatra, was issued from Sarabhapura, and records the grant of two villages, in Navannaka, i.e kshitimanda ahara and Sambilaka.
The year mentioned in the inscription, is in regnal years which do not provide us adequate information however on paleographical grounds,, we may assign the inscription, to the 8th century A.D.
The Navannaka mentioned in this grant is Nahna, the actual find place of this Inscription.
Provenance: Nahna (or Naina) Raipur district, Madhya Pradesh.
(Now in Nagpur Museum). Raipur is known for its rich cultural heritage and archaeological importance. This city has many historical and ancient religious sites, which attract worldwide tourists.
Many ancient monuments/sites comprising temples, caves, forts, megaliths and excavated remains, were discovered at Raipur.

Script:- Brahmi, box-beaded variety of Central India.
Language: Sanskrit.
Metres: v.1 वसन्ततिलका
v.2: इन्द्रवज्रा
Vv.3-6: श्लोक
References: Sten Konow, Ep.Ind., IX, pp.170-73.
1. Provanance on earlier information was given as Khariar (or Karial) 5 Km, n, of Nahna by Konow, who corrected it in footnote, Ep.Ind, IX, pp.172, n.7.
2. From the facsimile in Ep.Ind, IX between pp.172 and 173.
3. Navannaka may be the modern Nahna, and sambilaka, the adjoining village San Doil.
1. The sign for visarga and double virama is the same here अतिसृष्ट: and all the preceding phrases in nominative singular qualify ग्राम-द्वयं and hence should be in neuter.
2. न which was left out was inserted below the line, under ल

1. As a mark of widowhood. This has reference to Hindu social custom according to which on the death of their
husbands, women stop adorning their bodies with hair do or ornaments or even with gaudy apparel.
English Translation of the inscription.
Hail ! From sarabhapura.
The illustrious Maha- Sudevaraja, whose feet are washed by the water which is the effusion of the lustre of the crest jewels in the tiaras of the chiefs, who have been subjugated by (his) prowess; who is the cause of cessation of parting of hair by the women of his enemies; who is the giver of riches, of land, and of cows; who is a devout worshipper of Bhagavat,
who meditates on the feet of his mother and father, issues the
following order to the house-holders living in Navannaka, in the Kshitimanda ahara, and sambilaka also in the same
pravesya. (= ahara)
Be it known to you that these two villages, which will lead to the establishment of happiness (to the donor) in the abode of the king of gods (i.e. in heaven), have been
bestowed by us by a copper-charter on Vishnusvamin of Kausika gotra and student of the Vajasaneyi sakha (of the Yajurveda) to be enjoyed as long as the world endures, having the terrible
darkness dispelled by the rays of the sun, the moon and the stars together wth their treasures and deposits, not to be entered by district begar officers and soldiers, free from all taxes
or the purpose of increasing the spiritual merit of my Mother Father and myself. Being aware of this you should
be attentive and obedient to his commands and dwell in
happiness rendering (their) due share of taxes and produce. And to the future kings he points out:-
The ancients, with minds decisive (i.e. clear) in respect of religious duties say that the virtue that arises from the preservation (of a grant) is superior to (that which arises from) the donation (itself) Therefore, your mind
should incline to preserve land that has been given to a Brahmana of very pure family and holy learning.
So this gift should be preserved by you also And they cite on this point the verses that were sung by Vyasa:
Gold is the first offspring of fire, the earth is that of Vishnu and cows are the daughters of the sun. Therefore,
the three worlds are given by him, who gives gold and a cow and land.

The customary three verses follow.
By an order from my own mouth.
Year 2, 29th day of Sravana,
The copper-grant has been engraved by Dronasimha.
Seal: The rule of illustrious Sudeva-raja, born of Manamatra, the moon like, who rose from the ocean, named Prasanna.

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