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Krishna is a Sanskrit name of god which means “All Attractive” Therefore
lord Krishna represents Godliness.
He is the God of protection, compassion, tenderness, and love.
He was born in mathura, UP & died at bhalka ( Veraval)Saurashtra.
Lord Krishna’s teachings are not only restricted to India or Hinduism but to everyone across the world.
He introduced karma yoga concept, which says spirituality and karma can never ever be separated.
Rather there is complete synthesis of the two, provided one understands the significance of his own duty.
It was His attractiveness, which made the gopikas to dance around him.
Raasleela represents, loving aspect of the God. The dance of the lord in Vrindavan and his escapades with Radha are all expressions of divine love.
Lord Krishna’s gestures to Sudama, is another form of leela by the Lord , but for Sudama it was real friendship.
For Draupadi, he was saviour, while for Sandipan muni, he was perfect disciple. From the institutes of learning (gurukuls) to vrindavan gardens of romance, from battles of kurukshetra to friendship gestures, Krishna represents Godhood in totality.
Inscription number 107.
Mathura Jain Image Inscription of the Time of Vasudeva
-Year 87.
Provenance: Kanka Mound. Mathura
Script Brahmi
Language: Mixed Sanskrit and Prakrit
Reference: Cunningham, A.S.I.R, III,
p. 35 and Pi-xv,
NO 18 Luders, I A, Vol-XXXIII, p- 108, No 22
Text of the inscription
1. सिधम महारजस्य रजातिरजस्य देवपुत्रस्य षा हिर वासुदेवस्य
2. सं 80+7 हे 2, दि 30, एतस्य पुर्वाया
3. हुतसचाप्तयस्य पितृ सुवासिकस्य रितक श्रेष्ठ
4. प म
1. Luders reproduced and translated only the first two lines in I.A op.cit
2. From the A.S.I.R. Vol.III, Pl.XV, No. 18.
English Translation of the inscription

Success, In the reign of Maharaja Rajatiraja Shaii Vasudeva, in the year 87, 2nd month of winter
and 30th day. on that (date specified above ) of Suvasika,
the father of Huvasavaptaya, Ritak Sreshth
Inscription number 108.
Mathura Image Inscription of the time of Vasaudeva
— Year 93
Provenance: Mathura.
Script: Brahmi.
Language: Mixed Sanskrit and Prakrit.
References: V. N. Srivastava, Ep.Ind, XXXVII, pp151-52.
Text of the inscription

1. सिधम महाराजस्य देवपुत्रस्य वासुदेवस्य सं वत्सरे 93, हेमंत मासे 4, दि 20+5, अस्य पुव्र्वय भग व तो पि
2. तामहस्य स्व मातस्य अविरुध स्य प्रतिमा छत्रं च प्रतिस्थापित अर्य माघं
3. अर्य धनँ पितरं च शर्वनंदि नं मातरं च जिव शि रिं
पुरस्कृत् श्रमणेन कयसेन

English Translation of the inscription

Success, In the year 93 of the reign of Maharaja Devaputra Vasudeva, on the 25th day of the 4th month of winter. On
that (date specified) as above an image and a parasol of the devine one, the holy Pitamaha, who is own favourite deity and who has no opposition (or no rivalry) has been installed by the
monk Kayasa having placed in honoured forefront, the venerable
Dharmasvara, venerable Magha, venerable Dhana, and (the donor’s)
father Sarvanadin and (his) mother Jivasri.

From the facsimile in Ep.Ind. XXXVII, Pl. 2 A, facing pp.152.

Inscription number 109
Mathura Jain Image Inscription of the Time of Vasudeva-Year 98

Provenance: Kankali mound. Mathura.
Script: Brahmi
Language: Prakrit
References: Cunningham, AS.I.R, III. pp-35. No XX, Buhler. V.O.J, I, pp.177, No. VIII, Vol.II, pp.146 Luders, I.A, XXXIII, pp-108, No 23.

1. From the facsimile in A.S.I.R., III, Note that this is the last dated record of Vasudeva. After this record.
ie after the year 98 of kaniska era, no inscription of any Kuushana ruler is forthcoming. Succesors of Vasudeva issued coins only, which have
been discovered from the Panjab, the Kabul valley and Selstan
Note that this
2. Possibly the Devaputrasya is usual title of Kushana emperors. In that case it should be construed with Vasudeva.
English Translation of the inscription
Success ! Om ! Adoration to the Arhat Mahavira, the destroyer of Gods?
In the year 98 of King Vasudeva, in the 4th month of the rainy season on the
1lth day On that date specified as above.
On the advice of the Ganin the venerable Devadatta out
of the venerable Dehikiya gana, the Paridhasik kula, the
pretaputrika sakha, (Datta). the wife of Kshema.
Text of the inscription
सिद्ध ओ नमो अरहतो महावीरस्ये देवनाशस्य राज वासुदेवस्य
संवस्तरे 90+8, वर्ष मासे 4, दिवसे 10+1, ऐतस्य
2. पुव्र्वया अय्यर् देहिकियतो ग णा तो परिध सिकातो कुलातो
पेतरुत्रिकातो शाखातो गणिस्य अयर्य देवदत्त स य न
3. यूर्य क्षेमस्य
4. प्रकगिरिणं
5. किहदिये प्रज
6. तस्य प्रवर कस्य धितु वरूणस्य मन्धीकस्य वधुये मित्रस दत्तगा दत्ताया
7. ये भगवतो महाविरस्य

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