Mathura Lion-Capital Inscriptions

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Mathura Lion-Capital Inscriptions of the time of Rajuvula (1-15 A D.) and Sodasa (10-25 A D)
Provenance: Mathura, U.P
Script: Kharoshthi
Ianguage: Prakrit


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Group 1
By Nadasiyakasa the chief queen of the Mahakshatrapa Rajula, daughter of Ayasi Komusa (or Kamui) and mother of the Yuvaraja Kharaosta, together with her mother Abubola, Paternal
grandmother Pispasi, her brother Hayuara with (his) daughter
Hana and the group of Ladies of (his) harem, was established in
this piece of land. which is just outside (samgharama) border
the body relic of the Lord sakyamuni, the Buddha, for the welfare
and salvation of all, also the stupa and the samgharama was
erected for the acceptance of the order of the four quarters, of the Sarvastivadins. Nauluda the younger brother of Kalui (was the Officer incharge of new constructions.
Group 2
When Sodasa, Son of Mahakshatrapa Rajula was the Kshatrapa, and Kharavesta, the Yuvaraja (heir apparent)
and Dhragami both sons of Kamuyi, Khalamas the Kumara (prince)
and Maja the youngest,were the supporters (of the Dharmadana
referred to below) the pious gift (dharmadana) has been caused
to be made by udaya (the pupil of) Acharya Buddhadeva in the
Guhavihara (cave monastery) of Ajimitra ( for the acceptance)
of the Sarvastivadi monk Budhila, a resident of Nagara, for
the honour of tha Great Satrap Patika, son of Kusulaka and of the Kshatrapa Miyika son of Mavaki.
Sadasa being the Kshatrapa, this piece of land, namely Vijayodirna encampment, Pusapura encampment was caused to be made outside the boundary of the stupa and
granted (or donated) by the surveyor of Vijayorvapar (or by the surveyor namely Vijayorvaputra), for the acceptance of the Sarvastivadas to Sarvastivadi monk Acharya Buddhila of Nagara,
and tha exercise ground for understanding the logic of
proofs to the vanguard of the
Honour to al the Buddhas Honour to the Dharma. Honour to the Sangha. For the honour of the entire
For the honour of the Kshatrapa Khardaka, of
Rakshila, and of Kronina.
Khalamusa is the officer incharge
of new Constructions.

References: Bhagwan lal Indra J.R.A.S. N.S. XXVI Pp.542-44
F.W. Thomas, Ep:ind IX Pp-141
Sten Konow C I.I Pt 1 page 48, No. XV, Plates VI to IX
D-C.Sircar, Sel.Inss Pp-114. ff.
Group 1
Kharosta is old Persian word which means “The blessings of sovereignty” Konow identifies it with Khrosta son of Arta and Cunningham with Kharamosta Son of Artas (From Coins)

Konow of Nada Diaka. Various interpretations of this section are
Thomas: By the Chief queen of the Great Satrap Rajula, daughter of Ayasi Komusa (masculine), mother of the Heir Apparent Kharaosta, Nadasi-Akasa (by name)
(ii) Konow: The Chief queen of the Mahākshatrapa Rajula, Ayasia Kamuia,
tha daughter of the yuvaraja Kharaosta, the mother of Nada Diaka, by her.”
Kshatrapa is from old Persian, Khshathra-pavan, i.e A provincial governor

Saka, Mahakshatrapas generally associated their heirs-apparent in government as Kshatrapas.
Rajula and Rajuvula are different foms of the same name.
Konow: her brother Hayuara with his daughter Hana.
Konow: Harem and the alms-lord chapter
Patika has been identified with Patika, the son of Liaka Kusulaka, mentioned in the Taxila Copper Plate In inscription
of the year 78 See infra, No. 51
Thomas compared the name Mevaki with the Scythian name Mauakes,
and further with Moga or Maues
See Konow C.I.I Page 45.
All these individuals figuring in this inscription are donors and recipients of merit, seem to have been
inter-related. But D.C. Sircar regards Kusulua Patika of this Inscription as
the father of Liaka Kusulaka. and grand father of Mahadanapati Patika of the copper plate Inscripiton of the year 78. (21AD) represented as only a donor under his father Liaka Kusulaka, who was only Kshtrapa. The present record is not only earlier than Taxila Copper
Plate Inscription of the year 78, but also than Mathura Votive Tablet Inscription (infra No, 46) of the year
72 (A-D. 15) when Sodasa was a Maiakshatrapa. Here
he is only a kshatrapa, while Kusulua Patika was a Manakshatrapa, Hence the latter belongs to a couple of
generations earlier than the Patika of the Mathura Copper Plate Inscription of the year 78.
Group 2
Inhabitant of the ancient city of Nagara or Nagarahara, mod. Jalalabad on the Kabul river.
Konow C.I.I page.45,
identifies Buddhila with Acharya Buddhadeva, mentioned
earlier in the inscription since the fomer is a regular short form of the latter.

D.C. Sircar page119, regards “Kusulakasya and “Mevakeh as
patronymics, meaning respectively (Patika) son of
Mahakshatrapa Kusulaka and “( Miyika) son of Mevaki.
Kusulua Patika has been identified with Patika the Son of Liaka Kusuluka, mentioned in the Taxila Copper
Plate Inscription of the year 78 (see infra, No 51)

Group 3
D.C. sircar reads it & renders it into
Sanskrit and makes it as the subject
But the loop of medial is clear underneath. It is quite leglble.Hence Konow’s reading and interpretation
viz. limited by irvarapara” is more plausible. He too has missed matras in puren.
Thomas an exercise on ground in the nature of proof to the vanguard of the Mahasamghlkas. Mahasamghlkas were a Buddhist sect antagonistic to the Sarvastivadin sect.
But Konow C.I.I Page.46, interprets the phrase which means “To teach the foremost Mahasamghlkas the truth
Modern Seistan
Fleet and Hultzsch take it as
Gift of Sarva in honour of his home.
Barth interpreted it as “Of Sava” native of Sakasthana, to her homage.

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