Mathura votive Inscription

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The Mathura votive Inscription of the time of Sodasa Year 72 (AD 15)

Provenance: Kankali Tila at Mathura
Script: Brahmi
Language: Prakrit Influenced by Sanskrit.
References: G. Bühler Ep.Ind,II, p.199, Luder’s list No 59, D. C. Sircar, Sel.Inss, I, p.120.
1. नम अरहतो वर्धमानस ( 1 )
2. स्व मिस महक्षत्रपस शोडासस स वत्सरे ७० + 2
हेम त – मासे 2 दिवसे हरिति – पुत्रस पालस भयाये सम (न)
स विकाये
3. कोछीये अमोहिनिये महा पूत्रेहि पालघोषेन पोठघोषेन
घनघोषेन आर्यवति प्रतिधापिता (1) प्रियं तां भग
4. आर्यवति अरहत पूजाये
1 Mound of Kankali,One of the 64 yoginis of Jain literature
2. From the facismile in Ep Ind II Page- 199, Plate. No. 2.
3. 24th January Tirthankara also known as Jina and Mahavira.
Definition of Arhat:
सर्वेझो जित-रागादि- दोषस त्रैलो वय-पूजित:
यथा स्धितार्थवादी च देवोऽर्हन् परमेश्वर:
4. Buhler 80(7) 2
Refers to old Skytho Parthian era, now identified with the Vikrama era according to Sircar
S.I.I page – 120
5. So named because of the figure of Arya or Arhat on the sils.
6. Buhler: प्राय भ intended reading seems to be “प्रियतां भगवती”
नमः अर्हते वर्धमानाय | स्वामिन: महाक्षत्रस्य शोडातस्य संवत्सरे ७२ द्विसप्ततितमे () हेमन्त-मासे { द्वितीये ) ( = चातुर्र्मासिकस्य हेमन्तर्तो: द्वितीये मासे दिवसे नवमे हारीती-पुत्रस्य पालस्य भार्यया श्रमण श्राविकया ( जैन भिक्षू – शिष्या ) कोत्स्या (कोत्स – गोत्र – जातया ) अमोहिन्या सह पुत्रै पालघोषण, प्रौष्ठघोषण , घनघोषण (च) आर्यवती ( जैनाना आयागपटा छया पूजाशिला प्रतिष्ठपिता [ प्रीयतां भगवती आर्यवती अर्हत पूजाये (II)
English Translation
Salutation to the Arhat Vardhamana. In the year 72 in the reign of the lord, the Mahakshatrape Sodasa, in the second
month of winter, on the 9th day, the Aryavati was set up by
Amohini of Kautsa Lineage (gotra) a famale lay-desciple of the
ascetics (and) wife of Pala, the son of Hariti, together with
her Sons Palaghosha Praushthaghosha (and) Dhanaghosha.
May the vulnerable Aryavati be pleased for the worship of the Arhate.
1. Sanskrit rendering of the Saka title meaning ‘lord’, of.
Saka-murunda. Indian title Bhattaraka (from Bhartri), used
by Satavahana and Guptas, presumably traceable to the Saka title.
2. The three seasons of the year ended with a chaturmasi.
ग्रीष्म consisted of चैत्र, वैशाख, ज्येष्ठ, आषाढ:
And वर्षा consisted of श्रावण भाद्रपद आश्विंन & कार्तिक
हेमन्त consisted of मार्गशीर्ष पौष, माघ & फाल्गुन


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