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1947 Partition.

Why did a hindu, accept a blind constitution that could neither foresee the volcanos nor the butchered map of india nor those who had captured lahore and east bengal and formed two nations on dead bodies of so-called infidels.

Shaheen bagh protests, Hijab protests, Anti CAA protests etc. may be termed as periodic eruptions of communal volcanos, which most likely may burst out into the most horrific eruption sooner or later.
Didn’t hindus think that the surrendered areas of India in 1947 were the result of betrayal by our own top leaders. 
Till date no government has ordered enquiry or fact finding team, to investigate the historic surrender of territory, on the name of partition based on religion, without population exchange. Those areas did not simply vanish from the map of India by some mysterious force. It was man-made calamity inflicted upon mother India. Somebody has to be made accountable.
Someone has to explain, the reasons, why this decision, was taken at the cost of Hindu lives.
Some one has to give reasons, why the devil created by our own leadership was required to be financed & strengthened.
We must insist on this response by Government of India.
Hindu nation cannot be taken for a ride. If 1947 partition was right, then the sight of a muslim in Hindu part of partitioned India was wrong. If partition was wrong then the successive governments of India, were accountable for delivering justice to the agrieved hindu population. They can not maintain frightening silence.
Our Hindu nation was forced to give not only “a pound of blood but also a ton of flesh” in 1947. What was the worst ever humiliating defeat in the entire history of Hindu India, shouldn’t have been be a “non event” and not worth remembering or not teaching in schools or not becoming part of the constitution of India. 
The then leadership had definitely sold, their conscience in order to appease Jinnah by surrendering India, without due deliberation, referendum, or deep thought about the implications and consequences of the vast territorial surrenders.
The hindu leadership, who partitioned India, washed their hands off, any guilt or responsibility after the surrender by calling it “Partition”, and did not reach out to the millions of trapped Hindus and Sikhs, who were fleeing in utmost panic and terror, having lost all possessions and many members of their families, including daughters, to the killers, abductors, looters and the rapists.
They, not only betrayed their country of birth, but also their own cherished principle of secularism by accepting supremacy of Islam, in the hastily surrendered provinces.
1947 partition of india, ought to be discussed in public and then those who betrayed their country, people and secularism, should be identified and recorded in history books of India.
If this is not done, then we all, who regard ourselves Indians are accomplices in this act of unconditional surrender of India, during partition.
The Governments of East Punjab (Sikh majority fragment of the original Punjab) must set up a commission to record each and every Hindu and Sikh individual or family, whose relatives were massacred during the 1947 genocide and those who had to leave their ancestral homes due to fear of being killed by the Pakistani Muslim fanatics in 1947. Such a record will do credit to their courage and patriotism. If jews could record names of six million jews, who perished during holocaust under nazi rule. Surely governments of Punjab & India could compile this list on highest priority and honour the deceased. Islamic Caliphate of South Asia, may become reality, if GOI & current generation of hindus do not wake up from their “Kumbakarna’ sleep.
They cannot become free if the majority community, is no factor in political and social life of India, if hindus are extinct in Kashmir, on the way out in West Bengal and fearing for life in Kerala.
In a clear sweep one third of India had become “Hindu Mukt” in 1947, but this tragedy made no impact on the hindus. Under the foot of Nehru they lived on, as before, adoring the prime minister and his daughter. None could even think that the then leadership was enemy of hindus.
Severely mauled and wounded, the Hindu nation desperately needs reform and rejuvenation.
What can one expect of a country where the Islamic predator has robbed the hindus of his manliness and the Will to recover his own land and glory.
Look at the political leadership, of hindu part of Partitioned India. They could not even compensate for the private hindu properties gifted to Jinnah, by Gandhi, till date. Do they really have right to call Gandhi a mahatama, who earned praise of muslim word, by weakening his own community.
What needs to be done is to restore, or create, institutions that could act like the skeleton in the soft flesh of the hindu collective body. & make this weak and confused Hindu nation brave, united and strong, and force government to deliver justice to the betrayed hindu population.
Hindus should not accept constitution, that makes the aggressors and the victims equal.
Henceforth no politicians should be allowed to give one lathi to the hindu for self defence and give two guns to the muslims, to prove their secularism credentials, as the consequences of this discrimination, may be severe for the coming generations of hindus.
Is not it a matter of surprise that hindus as a nation had refused to lift a finger to defend the ideal of Akhand Bharat, while the then Gandhi’s leadership saw apocalypse (end of world) and in despair wished them all dead.
Don’t you find resemblance if you recall Hitler’s last days when he saw defeat and death, he had blamed his own entire nation for the defeat and wished them all dead.

Lord Louis Mountbatten, the Viceroy, who inaugurated the illegal and undemocratic Islamic fundamentalist State in Karachi on August 14, 1947, conveyed Nehru’s best wishes and congratulations to Mr. Jinnah. 
There was rejoicing in both Karachi over the birth of Pakistan and in Delhi over the “Independence” of India, while millions of Hindus were killed or dragged out from their homes in three cloths.
In an instant, they all forgot our near dears, who were murdered due Jinnah & Nehru’s dream of butchering India, they forgot lahore, multan and dhaka, that is, Akhand Bharat.
The then political leaders treated the divine land of hindustan as dirt.
India got freedom in 2014, when the nation got rid of Congress Party and the Nehru Dynasty, while a lot of political and social “muck” is yet to be cleared, from nations political scene. Our nation, under Shri Modi’s leadership, is moving in the right direction to undo these historic blunders.

We expect the government to make Memorials & Museums, which cover various events like battles fought by the INA, documentaries on partition, with names of soldiers & officers, killed in battles, names of hindus who became victims of foolish decision of partition
Eventually the War Museum & Partition museum, should be the place where students and scholars of military history, tourists from home and abroad, teachers and general public could come and learn about 1947 partition, Second World War and our brave army. The martyrs of INA, who sacrificed their lives must also find a place in the National War Memorial.

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