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Partition – 6

Partition -6

This is a fact that we have seen the “Gandhi’s Goat Tradition” fixed in hindu calendar, since ancient times.
When Sindh, ruled by Raja Dahir, came under islamic attack in 712 AD, the hindu rulers did not come to help him, inspite of his repeatedly requesting them.
With the help of Hindu kingdoms, Raja Dahir could have easily repulsed the enemies back to mecca. During Dahir’s times, when the islamic invaders were destroying temples, abducting and raping young hindu girls, the population ratio, might have been 1 to 5,000. That is one follower of Mohammed of Mecca and 5000 followers of Lord Krishna, but the Gandhians of those times, must have sworn,
“We will get killed, raped and slaughtered, but we will not commit the crime of killing a muslim, whether from Kabul or Mecca or Ghaziabad since killing is sin!  And also we will never go to help a Hindu under attack anywhere.
This ofcourse is just an imagination, but that is what exactly Gandhi
did, during pre Partitioned period.
So we shouldn’t hold only Gandhian, responsible for the cowardly policies, however, It is sad to recollect that so called Bapu did not become a “lion” to defend “Akhand Bharat” as he had earlier stated that:-

“Partition shall happen on his dead body” But later on, he cowardly accepted the partition demand by muslim league.

Nehru chacha, had gone to the extent that he had even given away Gilgit and Baltistan to Pakistan. These were strategic areas that connected India with Afghanistan, Russia and China and were regarded “Roof” of the world.
These were also parts of the erstwhile Sikh Kingdom, along with Jammu & Kashmir. This chacha did not even suggest referendum there. He even boycotted the referendum on NWFP (North West Frontier Province) where the Pathans favoured secular India, rather then getting merged with Pakistan.
That province went to Pakistan by a thin majority. Had Nehru helped the pro-indian Pathans, living there, the province would have come to India.  Again, Nehru humiliated and degraded the brave Sikhs by surrendering their holiest gurdwaras at Janmasthan of Guru Nanak Devji and Kartarpur. Both Nehru and Gandhi kept quiet when the fate of Sikh majority Lahore, was in balance. Lahore, the capital of the province with Hindu/Sikh majority, went to Pakistan since Nehru and Gandhi just “let it go”. The lack of zeal or enthusiasm to defend every inch of Bharat was totally lacking in both Gandhi and Nehru. The words “High Treason” for Mohammad Ali Jinnah, never occurred to these top leaders then, nor the word “Referendum” and nor even “population exchange”
When blood of hindus had started flowing in the drains of  West Punjab, Bengal and Kashmir, the Hindus of UP, Bihar and Maharashtra were looking the other way.
Don’t we think we must learn from Buddhist China & Burma, as regards tackling the menace.
How is it that even when one billion hindus swore loyalty to Akhand Bharat until 1947, suddenly decided,
“Don’t mention partition, word in constitution of India. This will provoke the enemy, who can kill you all or capture Delhi as easily as they had captured Lahore!”
Does any hindu University, in Hindu part of India, teach about any of the Hindu holocausts, since 712 AD i.e Raja Dahir days, including the latest holocausts like Malabar, Noakhali, North Kashmir and West Punjab?
Did any university of India, so far has courage to say that 1947 partition was a fraud against Hindus. Did they tell that there was neither Referendum nor transfer of population, as per the Jinnah’s partition doctorine?
Have you found Buddhists & Jews denying their Holocausts? 
Have you ever found photos of Netaji Subhas Chander Bose, Shivaji, Maha Rana Pratap and Guru Gobind Singh ji, on display in any of our government offices ?
Why does one see, swords and kirpans on open display in gurdwaras, but not even a pen knife to defend the deities in a temple?
The venom of hate against the uprooted punjabi & Bengali hindus was being systematically spread in Pakistan & India, since 1947 partition, so that people don’t become sympathetic with these communities.
Younger pakistani generations were even made to believe through the text book studies that punjabi hindu is a kafir and very cruel and he is against every one else especially muslims. While younger hindu generations were not even permitted to know the truth of partition, in Hindu part of partitioned India. Muslim league, Jinnah, Gandhi & Nehru had betrayed punjabi & bengali hindus & sikhs.
People had not even been told that ours is a hindu part of 1947 Partitioned India.
All those hindus killed, abducted and raped at partition during 1947, the colossal loss can exceed three million Hindus slaughtered during those two years i.e 1946-48.
Where are the memorials for them, in Hindu part of partitioned India?
On which day of the year, shall our Hindu nation observe, at least one minute’s silence, in their memory?
And if not, then why not?
Our nation wants to know the reason, from government of India.
The whole world should ask for an explanation, from the British.

As per one eye witness account:-
On Monday (5 December 2022) evening,  news came of anarchy in Haiti where gangs or criminals were roaming the streets unhindered.
(google “riots in Haiti today”).
(More than 1,600 incidents including homicide, rape, kidnapping, and lynchings were reported in the first quarter of 2023, up from 692, during the same period last year, according to data collected by the Haitian National Police and the UN)
In one instance a woman asked her husband to hide under the bed and asked the teenager son to hide in the cupboard. The Mafia gang forced their entry into the house and found the woman in the bedroom. They immediately started raping her. The boy came out of the cupboard and started running. He was shot in the back and killed. 
After the criminals left, the husband came out of his hiding place. He was shattered and shaken.
He cried out to the reporter of a TV Channel,
“It was most disgusting and sickening moment in my entire life when I was hiding under the bed, while those rascals were raping my wife on the bed!”
He  added, “I will live in utter shame the rest of my life.”

Don’t you find similarity, when the slaughter of Hindu men and rape of women was taking place. The Government  was hiding under the bed. Even worse, they have kept silent about their shameful failure and disgusting betrayal, while the man at Haiti had the courage to talk to the whole world through a TV reporter!
What more can one say of the Government that has gone silent on the massacre of Hindus in 1946-48, 1990, and 1971-72?
No memorial anywhere!
The betrayal by one dynasty, didn’t end with 1947 partition. More betrayal of India by this dynasty. India fought three all-out wars with Pakistan, but did not gain an inch of land. Indian Army became a mercenary force when they captured East Bengal, then promptly returned to Islamists again, while not recovering North Kashmir to settle the problem for ever. Consequent to capturing most  of lands of lahore, during 1965 war, they returned all captured lands to Pakistan, without negotiating. Similar thing happened consequent to 1948 kashmir war, when Nehru unilaterally declared ceasefire and took the case to UN without consulting his cabinet of ministers.
The Hindus in what was to be Islamic Pakistan were betrayed and doomed. What they had gone through at the hands of the “butchers and rapists” is known to us all. 
How much did Nehru and Gandhi defend them how can they even defend secularism after partitioning India based on religion. Adding to the insult,
“Our Lahore was made islamic by them
but our  Delhi was kept secular”

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