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1947 Partition – Part 7.

September 11, 2001 attacks, commonly known as 9/11, were, infact, four coordinated suicide terrorist attacks carried out by the militant Islamist extremist network Al-Qaeda against the United States. The hijackers crashed two planes into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, the tallest buildings of America.

Close to 2750 innocent americans, were dead by this islamic terror attack.
Many in the United States wish to designate this date as the
“Day of Unity and Renewal of Commitment to Core Values”.
What about our brothers & sisters? In 1947 two million innocent Hindus and Sikhs were killed, and countless noble “daughters of Hind” were abducted, raped and killed or converted by the savages.
We, the uprooted Hindus, too, believe that their memory be perpetuated in hindu part of partitioned India, in the same manner and India must declare August 15 as the “day of hindu holocaust” and fly all flags “half mast” instead of celebrating it as independence day.
Oct 21, 1943, be declared as independence day, as Azad Hind Fauj’s efforts were significant in achieving independence for India. The struggle of Neta ji Subash Chandra Bose, had definitely added momentum to the overall independence movement, which led British to vacate all the colonies in the world.
Instead of insensitivity, being shown on 15 August, towards the butchered innocent Hindus and Sikhs, since 1947, they ought to be honored and remembered by our nation by declaring 14th & 15th August as blackest days in human history.
We all are aware that the implications of partition are horrendous for the Hindus since even in Hindu part of partitioned India, the Muslims are conceded equality with the Hindus, while in Pakistan the Hindus, the original inhabitants, are treated like third class citizens. The Muslims had again been given a say in deciding the fate of Hindus in hindu India, despite partition, as every other day, we hear that law enforcement agencies, find, in their mosques, the future of innocent natives being stored i.e arms & ammunition, machine guns etc etc
Don’t the our hindu convert brothers & sisters realise that the indigenous prophets born in Hindustan, were as divine in the eyes of God, as prophets born in some alien distant lands, who had been provoking them to kill their own brothers & sisters, since centuries. Do you find this act of declaring fellow humans as kafirs, and declaring jihad against them as a spiritual enlightening act. Do you really think that 1947 fraud against Hindus, loot, cold blooded massacres of hindus, planned by so-called islamic spiritual minds, have earned them all salvation.
Is not it a matter of surprise that hindu converts, still face Mecca to say their prayers in arabic language, which they themselves, don’t understand.
I’m sure that the God may also be confused after hearing the arabic prayers by Hindu converts, in the sacred Janmasthan of Lord Sri Ram. Similarly, in Pakistan, the Land of ten divine Sikh Gurus, the divine seat of powerful sikh Kingdom, How can these Pakistani hindu converts, ignore the “divine light of universe” i.e Guru Nanak Dev ji, and start praying to a Prophet of Arabs in arabic language, which is neither being understood by them perhaps not even by God.
West Punjab, was the cradle of ancient Hindu, Jain & Buddhist civilizations, why can’t they pray in a mother language of these civilizations, which they & their mothers shall understand, while entire humanity shall also get benefitted.
Are they still afraid, of speaking their minds, just like their ancestors, who were helpless & afraid before cruel Arab kings, and were forcibly converted, while standing on the territory of Mahatma Buddha, Sri Krishna, Sri Ram, Guru Nanak Devji, Guru Gobind Singhji, not to speak our minds? The whole universe must have be laughing at the converts.
The missionaries, perceiving the Hindus and Sikhs, to be gentle and welcoming are relentlessly pushing their religions forward and gaining many converts, while we have no guts or conviction to defend ours, even on our own soil. See the new mosques and churches coming up in East Punjab that is supposed to be under a sikh chief minister, who ought to recall the surrender of Lahore and the two million massacred at Partition.
The government can ofcourse, not give any encouragement or support to the defeated hindus, who need them both desperately, without giving equal encouragement and funding to the Muslims at the same time.
What a hypocrisy of the authors of partition as well as constitution, which allowed Muslims to swell up their numbers, while hindu numbers are shrinking in comparison, through multi marriage provisions. Everyday we find emboldened muslims, asking for more and more concessions, privileges, funding and land etc etc and our government is feeling shy to even return or compensate for our losses in making of Pakistan, Bangladesh etc by the then foolish leadership.
The “second nation” in “Broken” Bharat i.e hindu part of partitionrd India, is intact, and spreading everyday, while Hindus and Sikhs are extinct in Pakistan and Bangladesh and stand totally confused and divided in Bharat.
The younger generations were never told by our short sighted leadership that East Bengal, Sylhet and West Punjab were once in our India, that the frontier of the country was at khyber pass and the then 25% of muslim population, has already obtained 33% of land resources. There was supposed to be population exchange as per Partition agreement. Those left behind were due to the then short sighted leadership.
They have also forgotten to tell that millions of Hindus were forced out of their ancestral homes in 1947, by their muslim brothers & sisters and this was the biggest fraud of last century.
We don’t even see “defender” who raise a finger to make sure that the hindus & Sikhs are not wiped out once again, the survivors may need visa from another hostile enemy country to visit our holy shrines there.
Finally, Why is there no memorial anywhere in Bharat to honour the memory of our near dears.
And who on earth shall deliver justice, to those whose ancestral homes, lands & businesses were snatched.

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