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Presence of Mind by Alok Mohan

Presence of Mind


Without presence of mind, intelligence is a waste.

We must know the Answers of following prior to application of  “ Presence of Mind”
How ?  Where ?  When ?

The reason for this is that Intelligence is a key factor to decide whether our actions are Right or Wrong. Answers to these questions provide necessary information/intelligence. Any  person with “presence of mind” can handle/tackle any problem/ sensitive situation. As we are aware “Presence of Mind” means how we react to particular situation.  There fore we must understand the phenomenon of the Day to Day stresses in Life ie Time Stress, Situational Stress & Instantaneous Stress. Once we understand the stress component of any particular situation, We shall have better information to tackle the situation. However alertness is another  important component, which is essential for tackling problem.

As we all are aware our mind tend to travel away from where we are physically present. With this, we tend to lack awareness of the particular situation and we loose ‘presence of mind’. We must improve our awareness & visualisation skills.

Hindu Spiritual Gurus recommend breath awareness as a possible grip to maintain the ‘presence of mind’ !  Breath Awareness definitely  enhance our alertness skills.

We must be aware of on going moments & our mind should be free from strong emotions or Guilt ie we should have calm mind.  We must clear our mind of useless agendas and fears.

Our conscious & sub  conscious mind generally turns upon itself only & comes to vicious circle of some negative thoughts. The negative thoughts  keep our mind always occupied.

Even if we don’t have any problem or we  have no obstacle or no situation, the thought process  comes back to the source of our mind.  The mind does what it has to do. It thinks  non stop. Mind is always busy with wandering thoughts. We have to control all negative thoughts.  Meditating or focusing on deep breathing helps us, settle the mind & improve our  presence of mind..

Following are few  simple truths.

1        Everything in this world undergo change &  nothing is constant

2        Every Cause has an Effect

3        Our Life is both physical and non-physical ie Our Body, Our Mind Our   Consciousness

4       Our  actions  are being watched by Super Consciousness

If we are aware of these truths then we can  react to each stressful situation more effectively.

Gautama Buddha:  The master’s function is to help you remember who you are. You are not part of this mundane world. Your home is the home of the divine. You are lost in forgetfulness. You have forgotten the most important part that keeps you alive.  ‘Breathe’. God is hidden inside you. You never look inside because everybody looks outside, you also go on looking outside.


Alok Mohan

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