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Procedure MQC/SP/010

  1. Purpose and Scope

1.1            This procedure facilitates control of all Quality System Documents and data with a view to ensure that the documents are reviewed and approved for adequacy by authorized personnel before release; appropriate documents are available at all pertinent locations and obsolete documents are removed to prevent any unintended use.

1.2            It covers all quality system documents, namely, quality manual, quality procedures, quality plans, work instructions, standard formats, company standards, publicity literature and also documents and data of external origin including national and international standards, customers drawings and other data provided by the customers. Documents referred to, in this procedure include data.

1.3           It covers documents and data maintained as hard copies or stored on electronic media. and the design outputs like drawings issued by the Engineering department.

  1. Responsibility and Authority

2.1            Management Representative is responsible for issue and control of all quality system documents.

2.2            Authority for review and approval for adequacy of Quality System documents is as per details given below.

Type of Document

Authority for Review and Approval

Quality Manual including Quality Policy and Quality Procedures for organization and Management Review Managing Partner
All other Quality System Documents and Data generated with in the Organization General Manager



  1. 3.               Procedure

3.1            All Quality System documents generated internally are prepared by designated persons nominated by the persons authorized to review and approve such documents.  The documents are reviewed for adequacy with reference to the requirements of the Quality System standard as well as the Quality Policy and approved by the designated authority before these are released by defined authority (see 2.2).

3.2            All Quality System documents are identified by a unique document number as described in Annexure – I.

3.3            The Quality System documents for use within the company are issued as ‘Controlled Copies’. All controlled copies are maintained up to date based on the revisions issued to them from time to time. A distribution list is maintained for distribution of the documents.

3.4            Quality System documents and data may be issued externally either as ‘Controlled Copies’ or ‘uncontrolled copies’. Depending on the purpose for which they are issued, they are suitably identified as under:

a)     Documents and data issued permanently to the regular suppliers or customers for their use in the execution of orders. In such cases, the documents are suitably identified as ‘Controlled Copies’ and maintained up to date when the revisions are issued to them. The responsibility for maintaining these documents and data up to date, rests with the concerned Head of Department who issued such documents externally.

b)     Documents and data may be issued externally at the discretion of the MR as ‘uncontrolled copies’. In such cases the documents are suitably identified as ‘uncontrolled copies’ and the Company does not take the responsibility to maintain them up-to-date.

3.5            Whenever any changes to the existing documents are made, the documents are re issued with the next revision number. For this purpose, each Section of the Quality Manual is treated as an independent document. All the revisions are reviewed and approved by the same authority that performed the review and approval of original document(s) except when specifically assigned otherwise either by the Managing Director.

3.6            Documents of external origin as also any changes or amendments issued to them by the issuing organizations are reviewed and approved for adequacy by the concerned HOD, marketing before release.

3.7            Revisions to Quality System documents are issued by replacing individual sections of Quality Manual or complete documents in the case of other documents. The revision status of the documents is identified by the revision number applicable to individual sections of the Quality Manual and other quality system documents. Entire Quality Manual may be revised at the discretion of the MR after a large number of revisions to any individual section, or earlier. Quality Manual is re-issued incorporating all the revisions and the issue status of Quality Manual is changed to next issue number in series  (e.g. Issue -1 to Issue – 2) with the revision status of individual Sections starting from zero.

3.8            Nature of change brought out through the revision is indicated in appropriate section of the Quality Manual and distribution list.

3.9            All relevant national and international standards are maintained and up dated through interaction with the appropriate Issuing Authorities or through their authorized agents.

3.10         Controlled copy holders of Quality System documents are responsible for incorporating the revisions to the documents in the Quality System documents held by them and returning the obsolete copies to MR.

3.11         All obsolete copies of the documents are removed from all points of use and are destroyed by the M.R.  Original copy of the obsolete documents is, however, retained with M.R. for any later references or for legal and/or knowledge preservation purpose. These copies are identified by stamping “Obsolete copy” on all pages.

3.12         All controlled copies of the Quality System documents are identified with a rubber stamp on the first page of each Quality Manual Section or other documents indicating  “Controlled Copy” stamped in red ink.  Uncontrolled copies issued to external organizations or individuals are stamped as   “Uncontrolled Copy”.


3.13         M R Maintains a Master list of all Quality System documents indicating the current revision status. Master list of external documents is also maintained by the concerned HOD, Marketing. Controlled copy holders of quality System documents also maintain master-list of documents issued to them indicating current revision or issue status.

  1. Reference

4.1            Distribution Record for Quality System Documents


  1. Records
Sl.. No.

Name of Record


Retention Period

1. Master list of Quality System documents and data. MR, and concerned HOD Continuing
2. Distribution record of controlled copies. MR Continuing


Annexure I

Document Numbering System

Quality System Documents


Type of Document

  SP = System Procedure

FM = Standard Format

QM =Quality manual

  Serial Number of Document



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