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Social cohesion by Alok Mohan

Social cohesion



“Social cohesion is the capacity of a society to ensure the well-being of all its members, minimising disparities and avoiding marginalisation”

Social cohesiveness is  a term used to describe the bonds or “glue” that bring people together in society.. Social cohesion is a multi-faceted notion covering many different kinds of social phenomena. Socialcohesion is a concept that describes  connectedness, including family and community well-being. An organization having social cohesiveness among its members can function effectively.

Social cohesion is developed through the nature and quality of interrelationships between members of any community.  It manifests in the sense & soul of community. Social cohesion is also linked to economic development.

Policies which support social cohesion may also bond people to a bigger extent.

Over the centuries religion & cast System  have been playing important part in maintaining social cohesion.  Society is organised along the belief of maintaining good social behaviour & Cherished moral values.   Religious  values unite society and define social behaviour of individuals. During Pre Partition Days, Arya  Samaj was a movement to support Social cohesion.  Major principle of  Arya Sanaj was promotion of well being of the entire humanity , physical, spiritual and social development of Community members. Those Aryan pioneers held the flag of Arya Samaj aloft and kept it flying despite numerous odds that they faced. Our Community leaders must also pay extra attention to the physical wellbeing of  the compatriots for bringing in social cohesion, while taking care of the physical well being of community members.

Emotional stability of the individuals & families, has also to be taken care of. If individuals & families are emotionally stable, community development shall take place at a faster pace. 

Let us hope and pray that our brothers and sisters march forward in unison by selecting the aforesaid social cohesiveness and participate in Community building.   


Alok Mohan

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