ancient indian history

Some thoughts

We never ever elect good political leaders. We do not know what is the value of our votes. And what can someone expect from the governments.
Only good governance and people’s awareness may bring desired changes. But from where we import good people.

Break downs of various political systems due this fact may trigger social disorder.
Repressive regimes may likely to create stressful situations  & emotional Collapse of the people.
Hindu india has already  recorded several unpleasant memories of past. These bitter historical facts have ever lasting impressions on human Minds Consistent Efforts  may also not be able to remove these memories from the minds of people. Knowledge & Noble Actions pf pplitical masters may bring mutual respect, while kind & sensible words spoken after reasoning with logics may bring social harmony.
Purpose of life of some people, vary according to their  ideals.  All great men tend to leave the foot prints of their existence & no human being has any power to erase or delete these foot prints of life. .India used to be a rich country and was called the “Golden Sparrow”. Moguls robbed it for 200 years followed by  British. British were cruel and cunning and they divided the people turning them against each other. Had Sikhism  not formed by Guru Gobind Singh, India would have been  a Muslim country. And if the freedom fighters of India had not given their lives to force British out of the country then Indians would still be doing slavery under the British. And now again she is being robbed by its own people.

God gifted India with several resources ie gas, coal, gold mines etc etc etc but the entire income from these resources had gone to a very few blue eyed boys of the people in governance. Average indian is hard working but the rich have turned them to slaves who spent their entire lives serving their masters
Over population, lack of education and lack of resources for a poor man are the reasons for the present state of affairs.
India is not a poor country but people here have been made poor by those who have smuggled India’s wealth out side India

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