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Subconscious Mind



The term subconscious is used in many different contexts and has no single or precise definition. The Subconscious mind is a force that can only be recognized by its effects & its symptom. Subconscious is  an area of the psyche to which ideas would be consigned through a process that involved a “splitting” of the mind and a restriction of the field of consciousness. There are two files in our mind. One is “Temporary Memory” and other one is “Permanent Memory”.
Whatever we want to  remember for the time being, it will be recorded in temporary memory and the data which we want to remember always, is stored in permanent memory. This permanent memory, is called subconscious mind. Conscious mind  decides whether particular act is good or bad.  All the strong desires that we want to attain unconsciously or consciously goes into our subconscious mind. But Subconscious Mind has no capacity to differentiate between good and bad. Normal person cannot control over Subconscious Mind
The subconscious mind is connected with super conscious or universal mind, where all thoughts of all human being are recorded.
Say If we want to realise God, we must go on repeat thinking about it, then it goes to subconscious mind, it starts acting according to our wish. If we wish to  control the subconscious mind, then we  should have a calm mind through meditation & Pooja & clean our  mind from negative thoughts. We find that positive  thoughts are being retained while mind clears negative thoughts. Slowly our subconscious mind shall be empty or shall be left with  a  few positive thoughts. And we find that  we have controlled our  subconscious mind. Miracles may start happening there after.

The subconscious mind takes in everything we learn and experience in our lifetime. It begins at birth , soaking up information, accumulating data as we grow and experience life. It also begins forming beliefs based on what we learn and what we experience, which determines how we react to everything in our life.

Most of our choices, our  actions and thoughts have their origin in subconscious mind. All the conscious choices we make are  amassed in our subconscious mind.  .

Our mind can create wonderful things for us & has incredible power. True ideas from sub conscious mind are those that are from the part within us that is more divine, vast and is enlightened. So we must converse with our mind.

To sum up

We must Check our thoughts, as these thoughts may become our words tomorrow (through our subconscious mind). We must check our Words, as these Words may become our  Actions (through our subconscious mind). We must check our Actions, as these actions may become our habits (through our subconscious mind). We must check our habits as these habits may become our character (through our conscious mind ). We must check our character as Character makes our Destiny.

Alok Mohan

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