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The unsung heroes of Kashmir Valley

As we all are aware that islamic tribes & Pakistan army regulars invaded kashmir during October, 1947, immediately after partition based on religion, few months after the infamous partition of India.
Pakistan Army had code-named it’s “Capture Kashmir Mission” as Operation Gulmarg.
On the way to Kashmir, the army carried out extensive killings/genocide of hindus so-called kafirs, at West Punjab, as was directed by the then political leadership of Pakistan.
The British had notoriously planned to create a Muslim state of Pakistan out of many hindu & Sikh majority cities
of Pakistan and therefore the task of elimination of Hindu population was given to army regulars by political establishment of the newly created state. One of the biggest territorial conflicts actually broke into the then peaceful region after the islamic invasions from surrounding regions.
The British had given option to various kingdoms of the British colony to either accede to Pakistan or India or they may become a free state/kingdom.
Most of the states acceded with hindu india. However Maharaja of Kashmir was reluctant & had not given any consent to either of the Partitioned parts of India. Pakistan government had raised a tribal column of 20,000 fighters to carry out hindu genocide at Kashmir.
Thousands of tribals stormed into Muzaffarabad & had started killing innocent Hindu families.
Those were the days when the law enforcement agencies of Kashmir comprised muslims, who had loyality with the muslim part of Partitioned India. They revolted against Maharaja Hari Singh.
The Nehru government was reluctant to send army troops.
Maharaja Hari Singh approached Nehru for help, but was bluntly refused any favour, unless the king gives his consent to accession with India.
The king had no option but to save his life & had fled to Delhi for signing accession act and giving his consent for merger with India.
However Nehru on advice of Shekh Abdullah, insisted that the maharaja adds another sentence in the accession statement i.e “Subject to the will of people” & the king was left with no option, but to add the statement, but Nehru was still not satisfied & referred this case to United Nations, instead of deploying Indian army to save hindus of the valley. However the Pakistani plan subsequently leaked & Nehru had no option but to send army troops to Kashmir for face saving.
Millions of Hindus of West Punjab & Kashmir were murdered, due this delibrate delay on the part of the then hindu leadership of Hindu part of Partitioned India.
But Maharaja Hari Singh was aware of the incidents of cold blooded massacres of hindus of the valley.
He called RSS workers & Pracharaks, apprised them about the latest developments and asked for RSS volunteers to save valley from islamic tribals. He issued them fire arms, swords and horses, for the operation.
Many RSS swaym sewaks lost their lives but stopped advancement of the islamic tribals/terrorists, till Indian army headed by General Thimmaya troops came and dragged out the islamic tribals. Personally leading the attack in the forward-most posts & the surprise attack on Zoji la  on 1 November 1948, He succeeded in driving out the raiders and the Pakistan Army out of the Kashmir Valley. His troops eventual captured Dras Kargil and Leh, but Nehru stopped them & declared ceasefire without consent of Army Generals. He subsequently referred the Kashmir case to UN, without consulting any one in his cabinet of ministers.
Many RSS workers had saved Kashmir by sacrificing their lives.
I wish if GOI carries out research on this subject and honor the unsung heroes of Kashmir, who had saved millions of Hindu lives.

References: As has been told by one of my very close relatives, who was a Pracharak of RSS at Hirapur Jammu & had participated in the operations against the Muslim tribals.

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