Wise path of life




Spiritual & Religious people at times suffocate others with their psychic belief system. Healthiest & Wise path of life is to let others live with their individual beliefs.


God has provided a power of intellect to every human being. We may use this power to derive pleasure from Spiritual/Materialistic world & get eternal bliss.

God is absolute. Eternal God may manifest in all human beings. God is a carrier of prime consciousness, which creates a concept of Being Human.

imgresPurpose of life is to discover ways to improve conscious. God has already decided our destinies We have to work for achieving our Destination/ Right Path. Materialistic World creates Passions which may lead to lust When lust is unsatisfied It turns into wrath which is transformed into illusion. Awareness of functioning of minds may motivate us to work hard for fulfillment of our needs & ambitions Truthfulness of mind always pays us. We learn moral values from our upbringing. We must learn to listen others for our growth. We must put our faith in God & care our values & actions~mohanalok


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