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1947 Partition-2

A blood soaked leaf, which was kept in history pages of India.
Please preserve this “leaf from a survivor’s memory” and save it for the coming generations of non-muslims, for the welfare of humanity – till eternity.
The unethical partition of India, based on religion, which has left an ever lasting impact on the  political, social, and cultural aspects of Hindu civilization.
The major purpose of partition was to create  a separate homeland for muslims in the subcontinent, and eliminate entire hindu population from one third of India, where muslims were majority population.
1946 direct action call by Mohammad Ali Jinnah, was the first step in this direction. The ugly scars of partition, are still fresh in the minds of few eye witnesses of big human tragedy.
This tragedy had made life of average hindu, in Hindu part of Partitioned India, unsecure, especially after the myopic decision of the then leadership, as the migration of population, was from muslim part of Partitioned India, was just one sided and the risk of their future generations, was not eliminated, after sacrificing one third of India & two millions of lives
During the British colonial rule in India, the Muslim League, led by Muhammad Ali Jinnah, wanted a separate muslim nation, having zero hindu population, to protect their political and cultural rights. Gandhi & Nehru didn’t object to this selfish demand of muslim league. Rather the subsequent actions of the duo, were enough to raise eyebrows.
On insistence of muslim league and due the large voilence against hindu population, the British government had finally decided to divide India into two separate countries, based on religious majority regions.
The Indian Independence Act of 1947 was passed, and on August 14 & 15, 1947,  Pakistan & India became independent nations.
But did India really get independence, in aftermath, the major voilence against Hindus and retention of muslim population, in Hindu part of partitioned India ?
Why the then leadership let go one third of India, if the partition doctorine was not followed in remaining Hindu part of partitioned India ?
Why did the leadership of India declare the partition null and void, after muslim population stayed back or atleast consequent to elimination of entire hindu population from muslim Pakistan, Why India did not knock the doors of human right organisations, UN & International court of justice.
The partition process resulted in widespread violence and displacement of hindus.
Large-scale cold blooded massacres in muslim majority regions, started immediately after the British decision.
Hundreds of thousands, hindus lost their lives in the ensuing islamic violence.
Creation of Pakistan led to cold blooded massacres of hindus and mass migration of hindus across the unethically drawn borders by the British.
Consequent to elimination of Hindu population from West Punjab, Pakistan had exhausted it’s resources to further carry out notorious combing operations and required some finances. They approached Mahatma Gandhi, who insisted financial help for Pakistan, a country which was falling short of finances to further it’s ethnic cleansing operations.
The then hindu leadership, financially helped the terrorist nation, with close to Rs 60 crore. With acquisition of latest/modern arms, with this money, Pakistani Army & Pashtun tribes headed for Srinagar, via Shekhupura, Swat valley, raping, looting, burning along the way, till the Indian army, headed by General Thimaya was flown in post-haste, by the confused hindu leadership, & confronted them just 12 miles short of Srinagar, the capital, where the hindu residents heaved a sigh of relief. But this operation didn’t last long as Nehru declared ceasefire without consulting the then Army Generals & refered the kashmir problem to UN, which comprised majority of muslim nation’s representations.
It is pertinent to mention here that
there was no plebiscite. Consent of common people was not taken by Nehru and Gandhi. Three people drew a line on the map with the help of british & forced millions of hindus to either get killed or leave their ancestral lands & houses etc. There was no justice No or inadequate compensation for losses of hindus. The people who forced hindus to leave Pakistan were assured that they shall be shifting to a hindu nation, But the congress leadership headed by Gandhi, Nehru betrayed the uprooted hindus & provided complete security to muslims in hindu part of India, to stay back, while there was no such security, made available to hindus in Pakistan, Rather the muslim Leadership ordered notorious combing operations.
To conclude, it is stated that Hindu-hater leadership would never have got the prime minister’s office consequent to partition, had there been a constitution of hindu nation.
A new constitution for hindu nation is very important to hindus of post partitioned India. It should have been in place in 1947. Especially when Lahore and Dhaka had gone under islamic Constitutions.
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