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Soro Plate of Bhanudatta

Soro Plate of Bhanudatta

Inscription number 4

Soro Plate of Bhanudatta- (Regnal) year 5.
Maharaja Somadatta,  the governor of 
Odra country, was subsequently succeeded by Bhanudatta also known as Bhanu or Bhanuvardhan. The Odra country and its capital Jajpur was connected with both 
 Karnasuvarna and Kannauj. Jajpur (Viranja or Viraja) is located on the bank of river 
Baitarani. The Soro charters were issued in his fifth 
regnal year from Jajpur.
The single copper plate containing a royal seal contains eleven lines of writing and 10 lines of writing on reverse. The language of writing is Sanskrit script is a form of Northern Brahmi.The plate records the grant of the Village viharvataka in favor of Priyamitrasvamin, Vatamitrasvamin, Dhruvamitrasvamin and Arungamitrasvain, of the Vatsa-gotra.
Provenance: Badkhuri, near Soro, Balasore district, Orissa.
Script: A form of Northern Brahmi of the second half of the 6th century A.D.
Language: Sanskrit.
References: N.G. Majumdar, Ep.Ind., XXIII, pp-203.
1. From the facsimile in Ep-Ind XXIII, facing pp203.
2. Expressed by a symbol.
Second side.
1. Can also be read as vipa (or Vima) – vataka. Majumdar reads VA (=Ba) (Hirva) – taka.

English Translation of the inscription.
Om ! Hail !  From Viranjavasaka, Mahapratihara,  Maharaja Bhanudatta, being in good health, offers due honour
and respect in their collectivity to the present and future, Mahasamanta Maharajas, Rajaputras, Kumaramatyas, Uparikas, vishayapatis, his Ayuktakas, Dandavasikas, ( = pasikas),
Sthanantarikas and others of the class of chatas and bhatas, regular and irregular soldiers and the Viniyuktakas of that vishaya and the boards of Administration consisting of
Mahamahattara, Brihadbhogika, Kutakolasa and others and informs
Be it known to you, we have granted, making it free from all restrictions (pida) the village of viharvataka,
attached to this vishaya and long since devoid of fallow land,
to Mahamahattara Priyamitrasvamin, Vatamitrasvavmin,
Dhruvamitrasvamin and Arungamitrasvamin, all of vatsa gotra
and Vaja-saneya charana, for the increase of religious merit, till the moon and the sun endure, of His illustrious Majesty (Sri-Parama-Bhattaraka-padanam). Therefore, nobody should
cause obstruction to them while enjoying after paying the proper dues according to the copper charter. And this should be nursed out of regard for His Illustrious Majesty. In the year 5, on the 17th day of Phalguna. And
It has been stated in the Dharmasatras
(Here follow three of the usual imprecatory verses)
written by the sandhivigrahika Arunadatta. 
Heated by the Safe Keeper Pratishthitachandra.

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