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Bappa Rawal

Bappa Rawal: Bappa Rawal, also known as Mihira Bhoja, Kalbhoj or Kalbhoja, was a legendary figure and a ruler from the early medieval period in India. He was  the founder and ruler of the kingdom of Mewar and the first king of the Guhilot (Sisodia) dynasty.

He is mentioned in most of the inscriptions that provide genealogical lists of Guhila dynasty. (Refer Unawas Inscripiton & Ekling Inscripiton) According to the Atpur and Kadmal inscriptions, the Guhila ruler Mahendra was succeeded by Kalabhoja, who is also identified as Bappa Rawal.
He established the Mewar Kingdom in 728 CE, and abdicated the throne in 753 CE. He is revered as a valiant warrior and is known for his significant contributions to the development of the Mewar kingdom in present-day Rajasthan.  He is especially credited with repelling the Arab invasion of India.
According to legends, Bappa Rawal was a brave and skilled warrior.
One of the most famous legends associated with him is his victory over the Arab invader, Mohammad bin Qasim, during the early 8th century. This victory is considered as a significant event in Indian history and a symbol of resistance against foreign invasions. Maharana Bappa Rawal defeated Mohammad Bin Qasim, the first invader of Islam on Bharat and chased Arabs up to Iran.
On his way back, he erected guard posts at every hundred kilometres manned by Rajput chiefs. This is the reason why Hindus kept Arabs at bay for close to three hundred years even after Bappa Rawal’s death.
One of the most famous battles attributed to him is the Battle of Rajasthan, fought against the invading Arab forces in the early 8th century.
According to legends, Bappa Rawal led his forces to defend the Chittorgarh fort and successfully resisted the Arab invaders. His valiant efforts are said to have played a significant role in protecting the region from foreign conquest.
It is important to mention here that Arabs had
defeated the former mlechchhas rulers, of Chittor, and Bappa Rawal had, thereafter gained the control of Chittor after defeating & repulsing the Arab invaders.

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