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Charter for Swadeshi Muslims

Charter for Swadeshi Muslims
1. Become conscious and fully aware of Ashraf and Ajlaf caste system in South Asia. How it is detrimentally corrosive of National Sovereignty and led to 1971 independence of Bangladesh. Acknowledge the centrifugal forces trying to further “Break India”. International War will only be the final resort if all diplomatic ties are extensively exhausted in full view of complete public and political transparency.
2. As a token of positive sets of affirmative actions, ALL Swadeshi Muslims will legally sign petition to (a) agree to Uniform Civil Court procedures and (b) renounce all future claims to Ram Lala Mandir and accept Islam’s caustic role in India’s Grand Narrative. Muslims in South Asia especially Indians, should not emphasize their Arabic, Turkic or Persian conquering narratives and not champion or lionize Atrocious Monarchs as this tangent of ideology is only corrosive to a healthy society. Above affirmative actions will send a clear ringing message to over a Billion followers of Islam that a legal system based on “Rule of Law” is better than an overall backward Sharia legal system that is obsolete and irrelevant in modern times as it does not accommodate evolving technological advancements and how ICT is shaping new social needs. E.g what is the Sharia position on Net Neutrality? These actions will also highlight the entire “Dar al Islam/Harb/Ahd/Sulh and Al-Taqeya” debate with the unanimous public conclusion of rejecting these ideas that promote sectarian and communal tensions and further form the basis of worldwide Islamic Terrorist recruitments.
3. Acknowledge that Muslim communities have been isolated as vote banks by Congress Party since pre independence and that we are far behind both national basic literacy rate and Higher Education. Modernize Madrassas to also teach basic and advanced vocational and practical courses that lead to sustainable employment and actually build their identity as positive contributors in our booming economy. We have to be brought up-to-date with Industry 4.0 so we can prepare ourselves for a future with bright prospects. Orphaned Madrassa graduates presently may only seek employment as common laborers in Middle Eastern Countries or local clerical positions that are again funded and influenced by foreign agencies. We have to rejoin our Dharmic brothers in modern society as our national economy grows and evolves towards a Digital India.
4. All Swadeshi Muslim scholars should work towards producing NEW acceptable (incorporating Human Common Sense) translations of ALL RELEVANT Islamic manuscripts. The task may seem unfeasible before inception but once the process starts, it will be rather quick since we can communicate freely from many different locations and overall interest in these manuscripts will only increase with time.
5. Start the long and arduous but inevitable disentangling (decoupling) processes from Saudi, Iranian and other foreign (including western indology and oriental) religious interpretations. Identify various sources of Knowledge Producers in Islam, stop importing foreign information systems from foreign sources and work towards a coherent, indigenous new Swadeshi Interpretation that is in touch with modern evolving times. These long processes should be nationally monitored through internet database website and cell phone apps to ensure it is promptly executed. Note that these new interpretations will be revised again in the future when our interpretations will cease to be relevant to then future society. (Point being the entire ethos of Ghazwat ul Hind and apocalyptic Word ending omni-cidal war has to be scraped and reinterpreted incorporating the latest archeological findings mainly, Mecca in Quran was originally the city of Petra in present day Jordan Valley. It should also include the true verifiable history of various Islamic cultures at various locations worldwide which were initially added through pillage, conquest and proselytization.)
6. Accept detailed DNA Analysis that proves South Asians are natives and indigenous to South Asia. Explain the entire Cambridge study in laymen’s terms.
7. All Clerics in charge of Public Mosques and Madrassas have to be transparently selected, preferably with local roots in relevance to their appointment. No appointments will be influenced by Breaking India forces. Once divergent clerics are identified they will be publicly dismissed with legal proofs of their anti-human preachings and connections.
8. Special Protection Centers and toll free hotlines mast be setup so women under family abuse could contact and relocate if undue family pressures continue despite local interventions. Suicide rate in modern society is appalling.
9. Local Muslim Ladies must organize nationally with their fellow sisters so every mosque in India has separate and sufficient accommodations for a common female praying area. Once women are granted due respect, society will change for the better.
10. ALL “Islamic Universities” that claim to offer Higher Education degrees in ICT must offer Degree in Basic and Advanced Sanskrit as Computer Programming Language. Our society is becoming more digital, more human functions are being taken over by algorithms, world is moving towards creating Artificial Intelligence and mass high value manufacturing is being done by advanced Robotics. It has been undisputedly concluded that Sanskrit will the programming language for future algorithms, artificial intelligence and advanced Robotics innovations. Leading ICT universities from CalTech to MIT to CERN to University of Technology Sydney all offer Sanskrit programming courses at all Higher Educational Courses and levels. Omitting this strategy will condemn India head first into another era of Digital Colonialism.

Rajiv: Something with a similar purpose is being drafted by SMs.

EXCELLENT, VITAL & TIMELY contribution to well-being and security of Bharat. Great job done. Congratulations.
A few more suggestions are offered, as follows:-

1. Ban on converting any Non Muslim to Islam.

2. In the case of a “mixed” marriage the Muslim groom should embrace the religion of his non Muslim bride like a gentleman instead of forcing his own Islam on her.

3. Those renouncing Islam should not face the threat of death.

4. Muslims should not have extra large number of children. The country does NOT want more “Pakistans”!

5. All Islamic holy scriptures should be translated into regional languages. The Muslims should pray to God, or Allah, in their own mother’s language, NOT in the language of an Arab who lived in 7th century AD.

6. Muslims should discard the belief that Mohammed was the LAST prophet on earth. If God is almighty He can send yet another prophet down to earth- even more than one!

7. Muslims should swear loyalty to a SECULAR Constitution while living in Non Muslim countries.

8. Muslims in Partitioned India (“Broken Bharat”) should designate Friday as the day of REPENTANCE to show remorse for the savage attack on peaceful India (Akhand Bharat) in 1947, murdering, maiming and raping millions of Non Muslim fellow citizens and forcing millions more out of their ancestral homes as refugees.


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