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When the foreign rulers, with NO heart in the natives and our land, agreed to Mr Jinnah’s demand for a separate ISLAMIC Republic within India (Akhand Bharat), they looked for a matching HINDU leader to “pitch” him against Jinnah to refute his absurd communal demand, and, instead, to present his own case for Akhand Bhahat. It was midnight hour for us, and for our motherland, that we call Bharat Mata.

MK Gandhi immediately intervened and declared in public, “There is absolutely NO need to invite any Hindu leader. All-India Congress Party will take care of the Hindus’ interests in right earnest, and I will personally make sure that the Hindu voice is heard!” RELIEF ALL ROUND! Mahatma was then the top leader of Hindus but he imagined himself to be popular with the Muslims, too. Some fool’s fantasy! 

Nehru, mighty relieved, had a glass of wine with Edwina. She, too, seemed mighty pleased that the Hindu voice and Hindu point of view had been eliminated. 

At that moment the Muslims participated in the Partition negotiations emboldened like a lion while the HINDU, the native, was driven into the corner like a mouse to watch the butchers of Bharat get on with their job.

Hindu voice is still silent in Hindusthan if one cares to see facts and reality- that beggars belief!

NO Hindu organisation called for a Conference to discuss the colossal defeat and surrender of territories. 

No Hindu organisation has demanded to look closer into Nehru’s motivation to agree to Partition instantly.

NO Hindu organisation ever came out with the need to dump Gandhi’s “Ahimsa PARMO Dharma!”

NO Hindu leader or organisation gave the call to study the battles of Kurushetra and Sri Lanka and note that ‘Hindus, too, had been fighters and warriors!”

NO Hindu leader showed any interest in the woes and worries of the tiny but brave Sikh minority who were decimated in 1947 when Hindusthan collapsed and still feel most insecure in Partitioned India, having lost LAHORE, LYALLPUR (now Faisalabad) & even SRI NANKANA SAHIB! There is total lack of understanding among the Hindus of the place of gurdwaras in the Sikh psyche. Every time a Muslim invader razed Harmandir Sahib to ground, he was pursued and assassinated till the last political “Witch”, Maimoona Begum (aka Indira Gandhi), met with the same fate. 

Sikhs, therefore, cannot comprehend the lack of Hindus’ attachment to the nation’s most important Tempe in Ayodhya that is still in ruins with a big VETO conceded to the Muslims!

When Nehru, as the prime minister of world’s largest HINDU nation declared, “There is NO Hindu or Musalmaan in Bharat. We are all secular and “bhai bhai”,” NO Hindu stalwart raised his head above the parapet to declare, “Delhi will be as much Hindu as your Lahore is Islamic”! 

With utmost ease and facility “Bandit” Nehru barred all the Hindu constitutional experts but entrusted the task of writing the Constitution for Hindusthan to a Buddhist, already smarting with resentment against the Brahmins and Kshatriyas for their treatment of the Dalits!

And needless to say that THAT Constitution does not contain the line, “We shall be secular when KHYBER PASS is back in India!”, or, when “Lahore is under secular Constitution!”

And also needless to say that our Hindu nation is SO DETACHED from TERRITORY that there is much relief that the “bulk” of Kafir Killer Second Nation has gone OUT and we are safe from the ever destructive and troublesome Kafir-killer Muslims!” FEAR HAS OVERRULED PATRIOTISM, LOGIC, MORALITY AND PRINCIPLES!

Finally, needless to say that there is NO mechanism, even interest, in SELF PRESERVATION among most Hindus who are following Rahul and Sonia like the sheep follow their shepherd in the wolf infested forest.

What hope then for the survival of the REMAINING Hindus in Hindusthan unless we acquire a new Constitution for “Hindu Rashtra” that will NOT have Article 370 in it!

In that Vidhan there will be an Article that says, “Muslims in “Broken” Bharat will be elevated to first class status as citizens of Bharat alongside the Hindus, when that bogus and provocative Partition is UNDONE.”

Some superlatives:

1947 saw the biggest ethnic cleansing of Hindus (and Sikhs) in history.

1947 saw the biggest exodus (migration) of Hindu refugees leaving their ancestral homes, lands and mandirs (and gurdwaras) at the mercy of their enemies.

1947 saw the largest number of Hindu (and Sikh) women and girls abducted and raped (and converted) across Western and Eastern India that became PAKISTAN- East and West.

Maximum number of Hindus (and Sikhs) lost their livelihood to become refugees, forced to fend for themselves. Neither the UNO looked at them nor even prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Yet the Hindus HONOUR the traitor by naming a university after him!

Not to commemorate the Dead of Partition, not to establish a Hindu Holocaust Museum and not to put up a suitable Memorial to all the women and girls who were abducted, raped and converted or killed, has been the WORST act of neglect and betrayal by the Government and the Indian “coolie” MEDIA of those Hindus (and Sikhs) who looked forward to living in Independent Bharat after the departure of the British. 

In the event the RULING & FOOLING establishment of Partitioned India (Partitioned Indian Secular State, or P.I.S.S.) put the “reputation” of a Traitor (NEHRU) and the image of a bogus Mahatma (Gandhi) far above the integrity, dignity, image and morality of the Land of their birth, Bharat.

Finally, maximum number of MP’s in Bharat are afraid of publicising their e-mail ID’s lest they are “bothered” by public (their own constituents) demanding answer to the question, “What are the MUSLIMS doing in PARTITIONED India when hardly any Hindu or Sikh is seen alive in Pakistan and Bangladesh?”!

Question: Are we going to be reconciled to that BOGUS Partition, a cunning trap for the Rest of India, till eternity, and live and behave, DENYING REALITY, as if nothing happened to our Bharat Mata in 1947? 


30 August 2018


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