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Indian Inscriptions Volume 2








The recorded History of India begins from Indus Valley civilization for which adequate evidences were discovered from sites like Harappa, and Lothal etc. The  two phases of Indian history may be described as pre-Vedic and Vedic periods. It is in the Vedic period that Hinduism first arose: this is the time to which the Vedas are dated. In the In the fifth century, large parts of India were united under Ashoka.

He had also converted to Buddhism, and it is in his reign that Buddhism spread to other parts of Asia. It is in the reign of the Mauryas that Hinduism took the shape that fundamentally informs the religion down to the present day. Successor states were more fragmented.

This book relate to  a period about  eight hundred years from the 2nd century BCE on wards covering important dynasties of the country for example The Imperial Guptas Covering period from 320 AD to 543 AD, The Traikutakas of western India, The Maitrakas of valabhi, The Kalachuris and their subordinates, The Manavas, The Mukharis of  Rajsthan, UP & Bihar etc etc

Ancient Indian History books written by Late Dr Mehta Vasishtha Dev Mohan cover both Pre Vedic & Vedic Periods based on inscriptions

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