Inscriptions of Traikutakas

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The Traikutakas.

The Traikutakas were a dynasty of Indian kings who ruled between 400 and 550 A.D. Originally Traikutakas belonged to northern konkan.
Traikutakas issued extensive coinage.
Several coins have been discovered in Gujrat and Maharashtra.
Traikuta rule of Aparanta/Konkan begins in A.D. 250, and this specific era upto 500 A.D., known as the Traikutaka era, or Kalachuri or Chedi era. Some of the Traikutakas rulers are
 Indradutta, Dahrasena & Vyaghrasena.
The most valorous king among Traikutakas rulers was Dahrasena, as he expanded his realm, which had soon bordered the Vakataka realm. This led to conflict and the Vakataka king Narendra-sena, who defeated the Traikutikas. Traikutikas belonged to Vashnva faith, who claimed to be yadavs. During the reign of Maharaja Madhyamasena, the kingdom was invaded by vakataka king Harishena. This dynasty ended around AD 550, when Vikramasena, the last known king died.
 Thereafter Traikutakas were reduced to a vassal status under vishnu-kundins and had to accept Madhva-Varman’s authority. The following Traikutaka rulers are well known:-
Maharaja Indradatta
Maharaja Dahrasen, son of Indradatta Dharasena was traikkitaka ruler of the konkan coast. He was the son of Indradatta and succeeded him as king. He performed ashwamedha horse sacrifice and was succeeded by his son Vyaghrasena.
Inscription number 55
Pardi Copper-plate Inscription of Maharaja Dehra-sena
(Kalachuri) year 207 ( 456-87 A.D.)
Provanance: Pardi, the headquarter town of Pardi sub division of surat district, Gujarat.
Script: Early Southern type of Gupta Brahmi.
Language: Sanskrit
Metre: V1: श्लोक (अनुष्टुभ् )
References: Bhagwan Lal Indra, J.B.B.R.A.S, XVI, ppe346 ff. E. Hultzsch,
Ep.Ind, X, pp-51-54.
1. From the facsimile in Ep-Ind, X, facing pp 53,
2. Amraka may be identified with mod. Ambachh, three kms,
S.W. of Kapura according to fleet (Ind.Ant. XXXIX, pp-97 f.

Footnote 2
1. Identical symbol is used for medial short and long, in the transcript above the necessary distinction is introduced.
ade, dntro d uced
2. According to fleet (Ind.Ant. XXXIX, pp-97 f) Antarmandali Vishaya is the territory between the rivers, Mindhola
on the north and Purna, on the south, in Gujrat.
3. The same as the existing village, Kapura on the Southern bank of the Mindhola, 5 km from Vyara in Baroda district. Kapurahara, is, also mentioned in a Nasik inscription of
Ushavadata of the time of Nehapana (Ep.Ind, VIII, pp.82, Number 12, Supra, I, 129, L.4
4. Hultzsch:
5. Fleet Identifies the Kamiyas or younger, Tadakasarika with
the Tarsari or Tarsari of the maps 24 kms, due west of Kapura and half way between the Mindhola and the Purna
6. The top section of the matra for is engraved in two parts, so that the first part appears to be a matra for
IT tagged on to the preceding
7. Hultzsch

English Translation of the inscription

1. Peace from the victorious cantonment at Amraka Settlement.
2. Maharaja Dahra-sena of the Traikutaka family, who is favoured by his respected parents, who is a
servant of the divine (Vishnu), (and) who performed an asvamadha sacrifice, commands all his Officers,
stationed in the district of Antar-mandali that for
the increase of religious merit and fame of my parents and myself, the smaller Tadaka-sarika village situated
within this very district, has been granted. (by me) to the Brahmana, Nanna-svamin a resident of Kapura, to be enjoyed by the succession of his sons, grandsons and next progeny for as long as the moon, the sun and the
oceans endure, with all the conferrable exemptions, with the exception of (entry in pursuit of thieves and the
violators of the king’s interests.
3. wherefore, nobody should prevent him from enjoying cultivating and ordering (in respect of his gifted village)
4. And it has been said by venerable Vyasas:-
(Here a customary verse is quoted)
5. The dutaka and executor is Buddhagupta,
6. The year 207, On thirteenth day of the bright fortnight of (the month of) Vaisakha.

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