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Ancient Names of Lahore : लवपुरी , लोहपुरी , इरावतपुरी
” जिन लाहौर नहीं वेख्या , ओ जनम्याई नई “
” Lahore was a different world in its own; the busy life, the rich history, the colourful culture, and the unfamiliar faces. “
Javaria Waseem
Pakistan is just a Name imposed on the Hindu history of the land it occupies. If Pakistani Government helps in reviving HinduTemples then that will allow them to revive the lost culture of Lahore, The City of Loh , लोह

The Word Lahore comes from Lava लव who was affectionately addressed as Loh लोह in Local Dialect derived from Avadhi अवधी. It was a Capital City Established South of Kaikeya Province Thousands of Years Ago.

1.The Kingdom of Kaikeya included parts of Foday’s Iran, Kashmir, Afghanistan , Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan & Fher Northern Areas came under the Jurisdiction of Luvpuri or LohPuri. Luvpuri लवपुरी was Founded by the Son of Bhagawan Ram and Sita , Luv (लव)

2.The City has also been called Iravat Puri , इरावत पूरी because of the रiver Iravati or Ravi. The City sung the Glory of Bhagavan Ram from many of its Temples. Luv or Loh Himself was one of the First Preachers of Ramayana.

3.Bharat Maharaja, son of Kaikeyi & Younger Brother of Bhagavan Ram installed Luv लव or लोह as the heir to the e
Entire Kaikeya Province. The land Surrounding This City is Particularly Chosen to Comply with Vastu Standards.

4.One can Easily study the Topography of t
The Land to see the Vastu compliance because of which this Land was Chosen by Luv to Establish the City. The Center of the City was the Temple of Ram on which Aurangzeb Constructed the Badshahi Mosque to Humiliate Hindus.

1.Xuanzang visited Bharat as recent as in the 7th century, he described a city of Lavpuri with impressive temples dedicated to Bhagawan Ram and people conducting arti ceremonies on the river in North west of The City.

2. The surya Vamshi Kshattriya made this City their Home due to their affection to Bhagavan Ram. There were many Illustrious Temples Dedicated to Shiva & Shakti in That Region Numbering in

3.The vastu of that land promotes peace and spirituality in accordance with Vedic scriptures. No one who opposes the Vedic heritage of that land can be ever peaceful due to the very Vastu Design of that land. Every Looter from Middle East Destroyed that Land and its people to conquer the Riches.

4. However, they couldn’t hold the land for long because of the vastu imbalance due to not following the Appropriate Rituals as Needed

1.People have tried their best to remove Vedic culture from Lahore but for how long. That land, soil and its river are all planned in a particular way as a dedication to Sanatan Dharma.

2. Major General Cunningham also confirmed that the City of Brahmins was this city of Lahore as shown in Hueng Stang Travel Diaries.

3.The Earliest Princes of Lahore were the Rajputs of Ayodhya followed by Mewar. During the Islamic Loot of Lahore, Lahore became one of the Poorest Regions because of the flight of most of its Traders and Brahmins.

4. Almost all of the Mosques were built on Top of the Ancient Vedic or Hindu temples to suppress the spiritual vibes of the city. Aurangzeb was one of the most notorious rulers of Lahore.

5. Marathas later Restored some p
Pride of the City when they instituted Vedic Ceremonies of River Ravi. Maharaja Ranjit Singh later converted all Mosques into g
Garrison for his Troops. This is all well Recorded in Modern History.

6 Under Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Hindus and Sikhs flourished in his capital city of Lahore. As a result of Religious Demographic Changes & Political Tensions, almost all Hindu and Jain Temples have been Abandoned in Lahore, although several important Sikh Shrines continue to operate. Lahore was called a city of Temples.

7. Hindus from all over the world must work together to build a grand temple of Bhagavan Ram in Lahore in honor of his son Luv. The present day condition of all Hindus is pathetic in Pakistan.

8. The Hindu Community in Pakistan is Discriminated against and almost hated by all Muslims in Pakistan. Severe human Rights violations happen against Hindus, the Original People of Pakistan.

Shri Arun Sharma

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