Law of Ideology

Law of Ideology
“A nation that does not have “Killer instinct” and “Fighting spirit” (Kampfgeist) will not survive on earth.”
Violated by Bharat
The Muslims have both these attributes in abundance. Hence the history of India is nothing but the massacres & non stop killing of Hindus since the arrival of Islam in 712 AD. And lack of “Fighting Spirit” among the Hindu masses resulted in the vast territorial surrenders to establish the largest Islamic country on earth, Pakistan, without firing a pistol shot in 1947.
Unfortunately, neither the Hindus have these two attributes nor the Sikhs. Hence their ignominious FLIGHT from Lahore and East Bengal, even from North Kashmir, in 1947.
Will the Hindu nation ever get back to KHYBER Pass? Not until all the pandits, priests, granthis and mahatmas stop chanting “all mankind is ONE family” or “Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai!”, but start posing the question to their congregations and blind followers, “How to move the frontier back from Wagah to Khyber, and do “shuddhi” in Noakhali, Rawalpindi and Malabar?”
At present the RUINS at AYODHYA reflect the sickly (decomposing) state of the divided & confused “secular” (detached, non aligned) Hindu nation on earth. Accordingly, the President (“Rashtrapati”) has never mentioned the word “PARTITION” or recalled “LAHORE” or even the TWO MILLION Hindus slaughtered at Partition in all the 70 odd impressive “Independence Day addresses to the nation” delivered from the rampart of Red Fort in Delhi.
It should be quite clear to all as to what must be done urgently to enable the Hindus to unite and recover the lost territories and also “hang” Pandit Nehru and MK Gandhi for their daylight betrayal of United India and the botched “Independence” that, in reality, was PARTITION.
A new Constitution is the need of the hour that does not “smell” of Nehru or Gandhi.


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