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Inscription number 65.

Amauna copper-plate of Maharaja Nandana. (Gupta) year 232 (= 551-52 A.D.)
This plate was discovered from the estate of Balm Janakiballabh
Prasad Narain Simha, Zamindar of Amauna Pargana Arwal, in the district of Gaya. Amauna
is about 2 miles east by north of the well-known town and market-place
of Daudnagar on the
east bank of the river Sou in the Gaya District. It is, evident that no seal was attached to this plate. The inscription
is written in
eight lines on one side only. The characters agree with the alphabet, which was in use in
North-Eastern India during
the time of the Gupta kings.
Provenance: Amauna, 3 Km North East of Daudpur on the east bank
of river son, Gaya district, Bihar.
Script: North Eastern variety of Gupta Brahmi of the 6th century A.D. Letters are marked by angular in form.
Language: Sanskrit.
Metre: V1- श्लोक अनुष्टुब
References: Pasmesvar Dayal, Mallayashtika grant of
Nandana, Journal and Proceedings of the A.S.B., V, May 1909, T. Bloch, Ep.Ind,. X, pp-49-51.
Footnote 1.
1. From the Facsimile in Ep.Ind, X, facing pp.51.
2. Paramesvar Dayal: पुडन्गलाया: should be पुदगलायै cf Katyayana Vartika नम: स्वस्ति स्वधाड लं वषड योगाच्च.
Footnote 2.
1. Kumaramatya Maharaja Nandana is evidently a subordinate ruler. According to Bloch, he acknowledges the suzrainty of the king (deva). But devaguru-padanudhyata here
evidently stands for, meditating on the feet of gods and preceptors, It appears that Nandana was virtually
independent at this time, but was still too cautious to assume higher titles.
2. Better is derived from the
to cut.
3. Looks like
4. Paramesvar Dayal reads शुद्रकराद – रक्षुण: and translates, to be protected from the hands of the sudra. क्षुण्ण
is from क्षुद to engrave + क्त.
English Translation of the inscription.

L1.1-2: May there be well-being. From (the city of Pudgala
Kumaramatya Maharaja Nandana, who meditates on the feet of gods and preceptors, honours the Brahmanas
and others as live in Mallayashtika.
L1.2-5: It may be known to you that this Village has been donated by me to this Brahmana Ravisvamim of Gargya
gotra and a student of the Vajasaneya sakha (of the Yajurveda), for the increase of religious merit of my parents and myself, to be enjoyed by his sons, grand sons etc. or as long as the moon and the sun last, according to bhumichhiddra-nyaya as an agra-hara.
L1.5-7. Therefore, no one, either born in my family nor others anxious to secure religious merit and fame should cause obstruction or trouble. And it has
been said:
(Here follows an inpreceitory verse)
L8. This is an oral order from myself The year 232, the 20th day of (the month of Margasirsha. Engraved by sudraka.
Footnote 3.
1. The word पुदगल is used in all the three genders.
In Sanskrit lexicons, the word stands for Siva. In Jain philosophy, it is a collective name of all the material objects of the world. According to it,
the world consists of six dravyas namely, jivastikaya,
Dharma-stikaya, Adharma- satikaya, akasa-satikaya, pudgala-stikaya and kala. 0f these pudgalastikaya
or Pudgala includes all the visible inanimate world.
In the Buddha literature, such as the Lalita Vistara, the word stands for soul, personal entity and atom
and स्वस्ति पुदगलायै
could be Interpreted in the
sense “Peace for the soul, i.e individual beings”
But the writing पुदगलाया: is clear and beyond doubt, which means, from Pudgala. This conforms to the customary practice of recording the name of the city from where the charter is issued.
It is important to note that Nandana was a fort built in the hilly range on the eastern flanks of the salt range of Punjab Pakistan during the same era. Its ruins, including those of a town and a temple, are still present in this region. This region was ruled by Hindu Shahi kings till early 11th century.
Mahmud of Ghazni invaded this region and expelled the shahis from Nandana.
Anandapala, the son of Jayapala of the Hindu Shahi dynasty, had erected a Shiva temple in Nandana.

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