Major Religions of the World

Major Religions of the World

There are two types of religious beliefs, prevalent in this world.
One which were introduced for the welfare of humanity and were based on high ethics & principles. The founders of such beliefs made rules for maintaining mutual trust with an aim to create social cohesiveness so that seed of hatred do not flourish in the society.
The thinkers of these beliefs, introduced such tradions so that people live with mutual love and help each other in case of calamities.
For example:
Hinduism and its offshoots are Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism, and Zoroastrianism or Zoroastrianism and Judaism.
In the second category come such religions which have been created on the basis of selfish interests of particular community, following such beliefs.
Founders of these beliefs set up rules so that the community interests are well protected. They appointed missionaries & activists to convert people with force, so that strength of its community is increased by increasing the number of followers. They didn’t hesitate in killing those, who didn’t follow their guidelines & convert to their beliefs.
Among them are Christianity and Islam.
These beliefs spread the message that those who do not believe in the founders of these religions and those who do not believe in their religious scriptures are kafirs/pagans and it is the ultimate duty of every Christian and Muslim to convert them and bring them to their religious fold.
Conversion by coercing people of other religions through violence and terror had been happening throughout the history of Christianity and Islam.
Christian invaders converted the people of America, Goa and Africa to Christianity and those who did not become Christians were killed.
Even Queen Mary of England was of Catholic faith. She had burnt alive thousands of innocent Protestant Christians.
Consequent to extensive blood shed during two world wars of last century, Christian missionaries, stopped resorting to violence and intimidation for their religious conversion activities. Now they are engaged in spreading their belief through false publicity, fabricated miracles and economic allurement.
However islam continued it’s blood-stained history to convert people. Since the seventh century, the means of spreading Islamic religion has been invasions, oppressions and terror activities.
After originating in Arabia, Islamic Jihadis first conquered Central Asia, then North Africa and converted people to islam.
After that Iran was conquered and the followers of religion of Zarathrustra (Ancient Persian religion) They were, converted to islam, on the strength of the sword or those who didn’t convert were killed.
Some of those who escaped, settled on the western coast of India. They are now called Parsis. After that the countries situated in the south of Russia like Azarbai Jan. The Buddhists of Turkmenistan, Kirgirijia, Kanjarustan countries were conquered and converted into islam with power of jihadi terror. The northern provinces of India, Afghanistan, Balochistan, Kashmir and West Punjab, where majority people were hindus. They were terrorized and converted. Those who refused to convert to Islam were put to death.
In 1947, about one crore innocent Hindus were killed in Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and Kashmir. They didn’t hesitate killing children, old men, women. Almost the same number of Hindus fled and took refuge in India. Thus the blood-stained Pakistan, was born at the end of the British rule.
Since 1947, these jihadi terror activities have been continuing and almost all hindu population of west Punjab, East Bengal, West Kashmir and Indian Kashmir, has been eliminated by islamic jihadis.
Next target of islamic jihadis is Indian states Kerala and bengal.
The behaviour of worldwide organisations like United Nations, which comprise majority of members from Christian nations & muslim nations should be well understood by Sikhs, hindus, Budhists, Jains and Parsis.
Wish hindu leadership of India wakes up atleast now and take adequate steps for the safeguard of humanity.

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