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Mat Image Inscription

Inscription number 110

Mat Image Inscription of Shahi Vamtakshama
Provenance: Tokri Tila, near the village of Mat on Bank of the Yamuna river. Fifteen kilometres to north of Mathura.
Script Brahmi of the Kushana period.
Language: Prakrit influenced by Sanskrit
References: J. Marshall, A.S.I., Annual Report 1911-12,
pp.123-25, Baij Nath Puri,
The Kushanaputras
Indian culture, VIII, p. 191 ff.

Reproduced from A.S.I.. A-R.. 191l-12, p.124. No facsimile included in the report.
Text of the inscription
On top of the base between the feet

1. महाराजा राजतिराज देवपुत्र
2. कुषान पुत्र षाहि षमतक्ष मस्य
3. बकन पतिना हुम देव कुलु कारित
4. आरामो पुष्करिनी उदपान च सद कोठको

on the lower portion of the robe s
संस्कृत – छाया
महाराज-राजातिराज – देवपुत्रकुषाणपुत्र – षाहि वमतक्षमस्य वकन – (तदाख्य-देशस्य ) यातना हुम [ देव कुलं ] कारितम्
आराम: पुष्करिणी, उदपानं [ च ] सार्धं कोष्ठकेम

हिन्दी अनुवाद
वखन-पति हुम ने महाराज, राजा तिराज, देवपुत्र कुषाणपुत्र षाहि वमतक्षम के लिए देव मन्दिर बनवाया । और उद्यान, तडाग, और सकोष्ठक कूप भी ।

English Translation of the inscription

Huma– the lord of Vakana got constructed the devakula (A temple more probably a memorial temple) for
the Maharaja, Rajatiraja, Devaputra, Kushanaputra, shahi Vamatakshama.
Also he got constructed a garden, a tank and a well with a room attached.
1. Bakanapati is possibly a title, suggests Marshall.
More probably, the phrase means the lord af Bakan.

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