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Mathura Buddhist Image Pedestal Inscription

86. Mathura Buddhist Image Pedestal Inscription of the time of Huvishika Year 31.
Provenance: Rai Bhadar, Mathura.
Script Brahmi
Language Sanskrit
Reference: Vogel C.A.M.M, pp 65, No A 71, Luders, List pp 162 Number 13a.
हुविश्कस्य सं 30 + 1 दि 20

हिन्दी अनुवाद
हुविष्क के संवत्सर 31—- + दिवस 20 ——-

The year 29 of the Kushaña are fell in the reign of Huvishika and the title देवपुत्र Devaputra is peculiar to the
Kushanas) hence the identification of huksha with Huvishika is obvious.
Reproduced fom Luders, list of Brahmi Inscriptions, pp162, Number: 130.

87. Mathura Buddhist Image Inscription of the Time of Huvishika
(Saka Year-33, AD. 111)
Provenance: Chaubàrä mound, Mathura, Mathura District. U.P.
Now in Lucknow Museum.
Script Brahmi of Kushana period
Language: Prakrit influenced by Sanskrit
References: Luders, I.A, XXXIII, pp. 39 T. Bloch. Ep.Ind, VIII, Pp- 181 ff, D.C Sircar, Select Inss., I. pp-153-54
Number 50)
महाराजस्य देवपुत्रस्य हुविष्कस्य सं 30+3 गृ दि 8
भिक्षुस्य बलस्य त्रेपिटकस्य अन्तेवासिन ई ये भिक्षुणीये त्रे
पिटिका ये बुधमित्राये
भागिनेयीये भिक्षुणीये धनवतीये बोधिस्तवो प्रतिथावितो माधुर
वणके सहा माता पितिहि

1. From the photograph and rubbing in Ep.Ind VIII, facing pp182.
2. मधुर व ष क = मधुरा = मथुरा
(Modern Mathura)
बुधमित्राये भागिनेयीये
भिक्षुण्या धनवत्या बोधिस्तत्व प्रतिष्ठापित :
मधुरवनके = मथुराया सह माता पितरभ्य

English Translation of the inscription

In the year 33 of the Maháraja. the Davaputra Huvishika on the 8th day of the Ist summer (month) a
Bodhisattva was set up at Madhu
ravanaka by the nun Dhanavati the sister’s daughter of the nun Buddhamitra Who knows the Tripitaka, a female pupil) of the monk Bala who
knows the Triptitaka. together with her Mother and Father.
The monk Bala here is, no doubt identical with the monk of the same name mentioned in the Set-Mahet
(supra No- 74), and sarnath (supra number 61) inscriptions .

Huvishka was the emperor of kushan empire consequent to death of Kanishka, until the succession of vasudeva about thirty years later. Huvishka’s territory encompassed Balkh in Bactria to Mathura.

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