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Mathura Stone Inscription

Mathura Stone Inscription of the time of Sodasa. (C 10-15 A.D.)

Provenance : Jail Mound, Mathura, U. P.
Script : Brahmi.
Language : Sanskrit influenced by Prakrit.
Sanskrit, Hindi & English Translation of the Inscription by Dr Mehta Vasishtha Dev Mohan –
(Ancient Indian Inscriptions- Volume 1.
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Dowson, J.R.A.S., N.S., V, p. 188, No. 29:
Cunningham, A.S.R.. III, p. 30, H. Luders, Ind. Art, XXXIII, p. 149, No. 24; Ep-Ind. IX. pp.246-47; D.C. Sircar,
Sel.Inss. I, p. 121.
1. स्वामिस्य महाक्षत्रस्य शोंडास्य गंजवरेण ब्राह्मणणेन शेगर्व -सगोत्रेण (पुष्क)
2. रणि इमायां यमउ- पुष्करणीनं पश्चिमा पुष्करणि आारामो स्तम्भो इ [ मो ] *
3. शिला 3 पट्टो च
संस्कृत छाया
स्वामिन: महाक्षत्रपस्य शोडासस्य गञ्जवरेण
( कोषाध्यक्षेण ) ब्राह्ममणेन शैगर्व -सगोत्रेण (पुष्करिणी)
पश्चिमा ( = पश्चिमायां दिशि स्थिता ) पुष्करिणी उदपानः (कूप: ) आराम: स्तम्भ: अयं शिलापद: च कारित:
1. From the facsimile in A.S.R., III.
2. The name was possibly pronounced both ways, with and without nasalisation. Compare, Rajula and Ranjuvula.
3. The Rajatarangini, V. 177: VII. 42 (Sten. Intro, pp. 37-38) and Kahamachandra’s Lokaprakasa, refer to the offices of the Ganjavara (treasurer) and dibira (secretary) both the words are of Persian origin.
4. According to the ganapatha, the Saigrava Gotra is referred to by Panini in II. 4, 67 and IV, 1, 104. Kern, Ceschiedenis van Let budhism in India, Vol. II, p. 266; identifies Salgarve with Palli Siggava (Dipav, V, 57; 69 etc.), the name of the patriarch, who conferred the upasana pada on the great Tissa Moggaliputta.

English Translation of the Inscription.
By the treasurer of the lord, the Mahakshatrapa Sondása, a Brahmana of Segrava gotra, a tank i.e The western tank of these twin tanks — a reservoir (or well), a grove. a pillar and this stone slab (was caused to be made)
हिन्दी अनुवाद
स्वामी महाक्षत्रप शोंडास के कोषाध्यक्ष गंजवर शेग्रव -गोत्रण ब्राहमण ने यह सरोवर अर्थात इन युगल सरोवरों के पश्चिम (स्थित ) सरोवर कूँआ उधान स्तम्भ तथा यह शिल-पट्ट बनवाया |

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