Narad Muni

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Narada Muni, is considered as divinity, in sanatna dharma scriptures.  
Narada was a gandharva , who was blessed to be born on earth, for singing glories of the demigods.
Naarad is son of brahma in human form, and is third avtar of vishnu and is a devotee of Narayan. He is a saint
of “chaakshush” manvantar..This fact has also been mentioned in Atharvaveda. Narad had obtained education from brihaspati.
  Thereafter he went to Sanat kumaar for further education. Saint Narad has been described as a politician, Religious scholars, musician, wanderer and a Veda expert in Mahabharata.
He is also known to be, proficient in clearing the doubts of people about their day to day behavior, religion, politics etc.
Narad was very soft spoken and
simple in nature and was a great orator.
He was a stunning sage, who always used to wear white clothes and a Veena on his shoulders, and maintained Shikha on his head.
He is considered as a good storyteller for enlightening wisdom, and carries news of different people and places.
He was married to Damayanti  daughter of King Sanjay.
Narada Muni had cursed the ten thousand sons of Daksha, that they shall remain disenchanted & seperated from world
On this duksha cursed him that he shall remain celibate. He cursed them they shall keep creating quarrels in the world, during all yugas (ages.) Narad was cursed by Daksha for many births.
Narad was born in the house of Kashyap Prajapati.
In one birth he had become, son of Daksha, also.
According to the Mahabharata, Narad was a learned sage and an advisor.
During the period of Ramayana, Narad became a teacher of Shatrughna.
He taught shatrughan that victory is achieved by efforts in the battlefield.
At the time of Arjuna’s birth, and at the time of Dropadi Swayamvar, he had always been a counselor of the Pandavas during their exile. Narad always inspired, Pandavas to follow rules, judiciously.During Mahabharata-war, he constructed a lamp, for removing darkness of nights. Narad was also present in the Ashvamedha Yagya performed by Yudhishthira. He preached Panchatattva to Vyasa, Vairagya to Shukdev, Dharmashastra to Markandeya and inspired Vyasa to write Bhagavad Gita. He preached knowledge at the time of Brahmasava performed on the beach by Prachetas. He apprised Shri Krishna, about the characteristics of worshipable persons and about necessity to honor these persons.

In Narad puran, Narad says that
“Sins committed openly are worse than those sins, which are committed in secret, because sins committed in secret, shows cowardice of the individual, due fear of society. In different yugas Narad existed in different forms.
Narad was also religious teacher appointed by Lord Rama’s during Ramayana period.
Narad Kanva was another seer, while Narad Parvat, was a Vedic sage.
There is also reference of a woman, in ancient Literature, which makes us to conclude that Narad may also be a designation/title, rather than a sage.

Two religious scriptures of Narada, Laghu Naradiya & Brihad Naradiya, are available.
In ancient India’s Literature, Narad is considered as the first religious teacher among the ten dharam gurus. Details of Narada Smriti are described in Agni-Purana. Many verses of Narad in Hemadi, Smriti Chandrika, Parashar, Madhavi etc. He has also written a religious scripture on Samaveda.

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