Navagrama Plate

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Parivrajaka dynasty
Several copper plate inscriptions discovered from Khoh, Jabalpur, Majhgawan, Navagrama, Bhummra, Betul, etc, reveal the name of following rulers of Parivrajaka dynasty.
1. Susharman.
2. Devadhya
3. Prabhanjana
4. Damodara
5. Hastin
6. Samkshobha.
These kings of Parivrajaka dynasty bore the title Maharaja, although they presumably ruled as feudatories of the Gupta Empire.
Inscription number 38.
Navagrama Fragmentary Plate of Maharaja Hastin.
(Gupta) year 198 (= 517 A.D.)
Provenance: Some unknown place near the old Nagod,
Satna district, Madhya Pradesh.
Script: Brahmi of the Northern Class.
Language: Sanskrit.
References: K.N. Dikshit, Ep.Ind., XXI, pp.124-26.
1. From the facsimile in Ep.Ind., XXI, facing pp.126.
It is only the left half of the first of the two plates forming the complete grant, as is clear from a comparison with the other grants of Hastin and the
surviving section of the ring-hole in the centre of the first line.
The missing portion has been conjecturally restored, where possible, from his other known grants,
particularly his Majhgawam plate (Fleet, C.I.I, III, pp.106ff).
2. The horizontal stroke, as ( mark of punctuation) indicates that some word, most probably Om, preceded.
To the Left, the symbol for om is slightly visible.
The Gupta year 198 commenced on 9th March, 517 AD. and the Mahasvayuja year ended on or about 23rd
April 517 A.D. The present record has to be dated within these limits. The missing month, therefore, must either be chaitra (in which case the fortnight
must be the bright one) or Vaisakha. The date of the Betul Plates of Hastin’s son and successor Samkshobha (Infra,II,39) has been calculated by Keilhorn to be 15th september
(or October), 518 AD. i.e. 18 months later than the date of the present grant. Hastin thus was succeeded
by Samk shobha within these 18 months. Hastin’s known dates are GE 156, 163 191 and 198. These show that
he ruled for over 42 years. His contemporary rulers in the contiguous state of uchchakalpa were Jayanatha,
(Gupta years 174 and 177) and Sarvanatha (G.E.191,193,
197 and 214). Bhumara Pillar Inscription (Infra,II,36)issued on
the 18th Karttika of the Maha-Magha year (.e. about October, 508 A. D.) confirms the contemporary of
Sarvanatha and Hastin.
English Translation of the inscription.
Om ! Obeisance to Mahadeva ! Peace ! During the
enjoyment of rule by the Gupta kings, in the year hundred, increased by ninety-eight, in the prosperous and flourishing year (called) Maha-Asvayuja, in the month – – and fortnight
-and on the day — ) On this aforesaid year, month and day, the village named Navagramaka (lying) within the
dominions of the Pulinda Chief, with boundaries demarkated by the old marks has been granted through (this) copper charter, as an agrahara together with udranga, together
with the uparikaras, not to be entered by the chatas and bhatas, except or apprehending thieves for the increase of religious merit for his father, mother and himself to these Brahmanas of Parasara gotra and students of the
Madhyandin-Vajasaneya sakha (of the Yajurveda, namely).
Brahmana Bhatta Yajnadhyasvamin, his son, Bhatta and Brahmana bhatta, nasvamin and Bhatta, nasvamin, his son Bhatta, Gopayajnasvamin, Brahman
Bhatta, Yajnasvamin, his sons Bhatta,
sambayajnasvamin (and) Bhatta Isana, yajnasvamin, to be enjoyed by their sons, grandsons and progeny,
Maharaja Sri Hastin, Who causes Joy to his lineage, who is the victor of several hundred battles who is deeply
devoted to the gods and Brahmanas, who is busy worshipping
(his) teachers, father and mother, who is the giver of thousands of cows, many elephants, horses, gold pieces
and lands, who is the son of Maharaja Sri Damodara, the
grand son of Maharaja Sri Prabhanjana, the great-grandson of Maharaja Sri Devadhya, (and) is born in the family of
Parivrajaka kings Therefore, confiscation should not be
effected by those who rise in our family or by those who live by my munifisance (i.e my subordinates) in other
(i.e. future) times. Thus having been ordered he, who —-
(Note that Chata is District Begar officer.
Bhata is police man or Soldier)

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