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1947 – Partition 4.

A blood soaked leaf, kept in history book of India. How can we, who are born after 1947 in the present day truncated India, with her disgusting borders, understand the feelings, emotions and grief of those, who were born in the pre-partitioned era.We can not understand the feelings of our elders, unless we are able to discuss various religious beliefs of the natives, since India’s history had always become victim of, history of religions. Rather it was polluted by the cruel alien beliefs, which didn’t recognise right of life & right of owning property, to the real natives of our ancestors motherland. Silencing of voices of protests that  followed every large-scale cold blooded massacres of hindus, by the followers of Abrahimic religious beliefs and of-course pseudo secular jokers within, have always encouraged, them to kill more & more, natives.

1990 Kashmir hindu genocide, is the latest major incident, while frequently, we hear the tragic loss of some or other young innocent hindu girl, who is chopped into pieces & kept in refrigerators of the butchers.
These are definitely not isolated cases of crimes as many similar examples, from past, are also available.
Modern leftist historians till  date had always been busy covering up these crimes against hindus.
It is important to mention here that
If there’s single minor isolated crime against, any individual from particular belief, entire muslim world including UN wakes up & starts crying & condemning the incident, as if entire planet has shaken up, for them. The mobs shall damage public properties, burn buses, loot private properties.
Every one in this world is aware that these alien religious beliefs, are in fact, not meant for spiritual awakening, but are more of unethical military doctrines, having a mission to enlarge their tribes.
Invaders had attacked our nation, converted the natives and those who did not get convinced and wanted to continue with their own worshipping practices, were killed by them. Unfortunately with addition of each convert, in our society, one cruel enemy of sanatna dharma is born.
Isn’t it a joke that those converts or the pseudo-secular leaders, whose ancestors had partitioned India based on religion, during 1947, have now been trying to teach us lessons on secularism & religious tolerance, at almost every social platform.
I find many advices from seculars every day. The advices are coming out from different corners of the world especially from some people belonging to those foreign lands, whose  ancestors had butchered millions of hindus as they had refused to convert. To these people Nehru, Gandhi & Jinnah, were all great ambassadors of secularism. What a joke ?

They refuse to believe that the decision of partitioning india based on religion, was master minded by none other then these so-called secular leaders only.
They go on denial mode when told that the unethical decision of their role models had led to loss millions of hindu lives.
The secular Mohammad Ali Jinnah had gone to an extent that during 1946 he had given direct action call to his islamic followers, immediately there after two million hindus were killed, by the tribe, in Bengal.
Should history books of India wipe out this part of our history.  Should historians not bring truth worldwide, for awareness of people. Whom are we fooling ?
We the Indians celebrate 15 August, as Independence day, but we always celebrate it with a guilt as we are aware in our subconscious mind that partition of India, had brought death and destruction to millions of Hindu families.
Unfortunately our conscious and subconscious minds had also never ever remembered those innocent hindu lives, who were made to leave their homes, in the cold winter of 1947, died due starvation or due pandemics like  cholera, malaria etc immediately after partition, and the reason is our leadership and our historians, were busy in coverups.
Why has we been deceiving ourselves?
Why is it that when we see the Truth, we close our eyes and brains, and deny the cruel reality?
Was 1947 partition based on religion, really a non event that our Constitution of India and post partitioned India’s history books, had no mention.
I asked one of my friends, who is 95 years + old, and who had witnessed the horrors of 1947 partition, as regards his partition experiences.
I could see tears in his eyes.

My friend replied
“If we open the door of the cage for two seconds, only to enable the bear inside to escape, but then quickly shut it with the bear out, but with a profusely bleeding foot stuck in the door! He repeated: The bear in captivity saw the door opening and made a dash for escape. But unfortunately the door shut firmly, trapping one of the back feet. The bear struggles hard to free its trapped foot, but cannot free himself totally. He is in pain. He struggles in agony, and finally, too exhausted, loses his consciousness and falls down flat, hardly breathing.
I could see tears coming out of his.
I couldn’t understand his narrative. And wanted him to explain. He continued:

Our (the hindus)  trapped foot was lahore. We were so near to see the bear escape in freedom and run into the forest nearby.  Even the final decision on the fate of Lahore was delayed by two days.
Yet “bharat mata” i.e hindu part of partitioned India, could not free her foot from the Islamic cage, owned by a savage zoo keeper called “Mohammed”.
He wanted me to let this scenario be known to all, in this world,  including the UNO, about the farce of Indian Independence in 1947.
The brave see reality and dare to tell the world, thus enhancing their own global status. Now even the UNO is confused about the birth of Pakistan. How could a fundamentalist pariah Muslim (beggar) country be created by these so-called secular democracies like England and India? 
World War 2 was fought with fifty million dead in order to crush an Ideology that was identical to islam – yet allowed the impossible, the incomprehensible, to occur.
Do recall the fact that Nehru congratulated Jinnah on becoming the Governor General of the new State, though Nehru himself, fearing his own assassination, begged the Viceroy to stay on, consequent to partition, till long after the Union Jack came down.
“Be honest to Mother India and her noble citizens. Hang the traitors and honour the true freedom fighters. Replace the names “Gandhi” and “Nehru” across the entire country and replace them by “Netaji Subhash Chandr Bose” and “Shaheed Bhagat Singh”. Destroy all the postage stamps showing corrupt and treacherous Nehru Dynasty and replace them by those who were sent into exile to Andaman Islands or hanged or shot to death for demanding freedom of India. Put the crooked manipulated record, set by Nehru, straight. Follow “Satyam Vijayate!”, and acknowledge that it was no Independence if Delhi escaped but Lahore and Dhaka remained back in the stinking cage.
Hindu nation will not unite or survive if there are celebrations on August 15, but only if we see black ribbons on everybody, and flags half mast everywhere, to mourn the crushing defeat, accompanied by vast territorial unconditional surrenders under the “leadership” of Gandhi and Nehru, in 1947.

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