Power by Alok Mohan



Power gives us stability and a chance to survive. Power will definitely give pleasures in life.  But I think that it ultimately  depends on how people use  power. 

If some people are  evil, greedy or power-hungry, they will be happy when they have power, and they will use it for the wrong reasons.

But if some people are good  and  having  power 

They help others in need and give them pleasures in life.
So yes, power gives everyone pleasures ie a feeling you get, when you drink alcohol – the only difference is how or why we use the power, which defines whether it is a good thing or not. Money is undoubtedly a power resource of self boosting and praise. 

Many  things are impossible to get for want of money Money is accumulated Power and an important tool to buy  resources.  Money may provide you the best horse available in the world, but money can not purchase  peace of mind.
You may get the satisfaction ,hunger fulfilment and the commodities. But impossible to buy peace of mind from this tool.

 I believe all the bad things done in life, will eventually have negative consequences. There is a true story of a very Rich man, who was a Miser. He used to live luxurious life. He never cared for poor and never helped needy. Everybody hated him. He thought his life would be fortunate always with money and power. but his health and mental conditions became worst day by day. He was not able to concentrate on his business. Gradually, his business flopped. Karma made negative consequences for him in his life time. People doing bad karmas will get some positive effects for a while but these effects  will not last longer. Individuals  get what they reap

  1. Living true is good for you.
  2. Talking true is for others.


If you are selfish you chose the first one and vice versa. but thing is that if you are a real true person, you will do both and really become Powerful. .

It is i) Free from ambiguity ii) Without evasion or compromise iii) Without concealment or deception; honest. This is a quality expected from a good human. It is found to be rare. This is gradually disappearing from the society due to mass development of materialistic life with moral values getting removed by the cultural and life style changes.

 Alok Mohan



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