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Reincarnation by Alok Mohan



Reincarnation is a natural process. This is a process like flow of energy. Some essential part of a living being survives death & is reborn in a new body. This essential part is often referred to as the  soul. A  new personality is developed during each birth. Some part of the previous birth always remains.

Belief in reincarnation is an ancient phenomenon. When a human body dies the soul leaves it. Before a baby is born a soul enters the physical body.  The soul brings with it the experiences and the knowledge gained in the past lives. There is a reason, why humans do not remember their past lives. This is because, we are supposed to go through the present life experiences without prejudice. Today science also proves and accepts that there exist some power, which we cannot see thro, naked eyes, but we can feel it. This is the Power,  which cause this  universe to exist. Reincarnation is something that we,  as individuals have to recognize independently. Man is destined to die. We have got this life for salvation. Human life is a path to salvation. When People believe in reincarnation then they become more tolerant. There is no time, when the soul  does not have a  body. The soul takes rebirth  again and again after death. Everybody is reincarnated. All that matters,  is what we do in this life time. We can explain what is soul. We can explore soul. We can  remember our past life. There are kind and gentle souls.  There are evil souls. Being blessed with the good ones are, of course, we want to keep them around us forever.  Death is physical absence, but beginning of our understanding about a  person, whose presence is felt by the ‘heart prints’. He leaves  this Physical world. We must recognise heart prints of departed souls & celebrate their Death. T he memories of  the departed souls  are guiding forces for the  nears & dears of the deceased. Death is to be  celebrated after a small shock & mourning. With this  celebration, we give  honour to the so called dead.

We Hindus believe in the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. This doctrine is considered to be a basic  tenet of Hinduism. According to doctrine of rebirth, differences between individuals, even at the time of their birth are due to their past karma i.e. actions done in the past birth. For example if one child is born healthy while another is handicapped or blind, the differences are attributed to their deeds in their previous lives. Those who believe in this theory, reason that since all actions may not bear fruit in this life, there has to be another life for facing or reaping the consequences of one’s earlier actions.
Alok Mohan


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