Sakrepatna Plates of Pallava Simhavarman

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Inscription number 25.
Sakrepatna Plates of Pallava Simhavarman 2, son of Skandavarman Regnal Year 41.
Simhavishnu founded Pallava dynasty and proved himself to be an efficient and strong ruler. After his death, Mahendravarman, his son succeeded him and ruled till 630 CE. Pallavas became a major power during his reign and dominated entire southern Andhra Region and the northern parts of the Tamil region, until the end of the 9th century. Subsequently, 
Pallava kingdom was attacked and defeated by Chalukya king Pulakeshin. Chola’s replaced pallavas, in the Tamilakam region and the Rashtrakutas replaced the Chalukyas of Badami.
 All Pallava kings were the followers of Sanatana Dharma.
Provenance: An unnamed village near Sakrepatna, the headquarters
of the taluk of the same name in chikmanglur District, Karnataka.
The present record Supplies us the latest known date of
Simhavarman, namely regnal year 41, while the earliest known record, Uruvupalli grant was issued in his regnal year 11. He, in fact is the 2nd Simhavarman, not the first as Gai believes.
Script:  Brahmi, similar to the script of the other Pallava charters, e.g. Manglur, Pikira etc.
Language: Sanskrit.
Metres: Vv.1-4.
References: G. S. Gal, Ep.Ind., XXXVIII, pp.99-105.
Footnote 1.
1. From the facsimile in Ep.Ind., XXXVIII, Plates. I and II.
2. Left of the joining-ring hole.
3. Expressed by the spiral symbol read as FaTr by Gal.
4. Written a little below the line in smaller type, to indicate -T
 All final consonants are written
like that. Neither the river Maudgali nor the contonment of Maudgalitatavasaka have been identifled.
Fourth Plate Second Side.
Footnote 2.
1. Valvilli agrahara has not been identified. Sendrakarajya = sendraka-vishaya of the Kadamba grants, comprised the modern shimoga District of Karnataka. This area is
near to the modern city of Kanchipuram in Tamilnadu. Hence it is clear that Simhavarman held Sway over and issued his Vesanta grant from this very city. ( see Inscriptions of A.P.
Govt Museum, Vol.I (1962), pp.211 ff. ) Other Pallava grants issued from Kanchipuram are i) Udayendiram Plates of Nandivarman ( Ep.Ind., III, pp.142 ff.) and chendalur Plates. of Kumaravishnu II (ib. VIII, pp. 233 ff, Infra IV, 30)
2. Left of the ring hole.
English Translation of the inscription.
Ll.1-2: Om Victorious is the Lord (Vishnu) Peace !
From the victorious military encampment on the bank of the Maudgali:-
L1.2-19, The pious Maharaja of the family of Pallavas, who have overrun
with their own valour the centres of royal fortune of other kings and who have performed several Asvamedha 
sacrifices with appropriate rites, Sei Simhavarman, of Bharadvaja gotra, who is the great-grand son of the
Maharaja Sri Skandavarman 1, who was extremely devoted to the sacred lore (brahma), who was the treasure
of brilliant kshatriya Valour earned by the strength of his own arms, who had established all the bounds of
morality according to the law, who stood firm on established rules, who had a tremendous personality:-
who (simhavarman) is the grandson of the Maharaja Sri Viravarman, who was possessed of a high level of power and
success, who had subdued the circle of kings with (his) valour, (and) who was the unique hero on the surface of the
earth who (simhavarman) is the son of the truthful Maharaja Sri skandavarman (2), who was the elevator of gods, Preceptors, and the seniors, who was excessively courteous, whose store of religious merit had highly increased by grants of many cows, pieces of gold, land etc.who was £efficient in nourishing his subjects, who
was the fifth (i.e. additional) lokapala anong the (mythical four) lokapalas– who (simhavarman) has
brought about the welfare of all by his devotion to Lord Vishnu, who remains ever initiated in the sacrificial vow
of efforts directed to nourish and cause happiness to his subjects, who acquired the glow of fame by the
victories achieved in crushes of courage in many wars,
who is always engaged in redemption of dharma, sunk down, by the wickedness (or darkness) of Kaliyuga the age of vice), who is desirous of winning all the many qualities  of a saintly king, who is desirous of winning piousness, who meditates on the feet of lord Vishnu, who is devoted
to the feet of His (late) Majesty his father, and who is a devout worshipper of vishnu, commands all the
superintendents (vallabha placed in authority and the chiefs of districts in the state of sendraka.
L1,19-2. Here, in the Valvili agrahara, located in the Sendraka rajya, which is being enjoyed by the Brahmanas,
in continuous succession, we have, hereby, granted to the Brahmanas, belonging to the agrahara all that whatever is enjoyable by the king, beginning with (his) prime share.
L1.22-23. We have also sanctioned all the inmunities here. Having understood this, all should act accordingly and
should abstain from interfering.
L1.23-30. (v.1) There never was and never will be a gift, superior to land gift. And there had never been, nor
ever will be a greater sin than the confiscation of the same. Customary verses 2-4 are repetitions and have
been translated in previous pages)
L1.30-32: In the year forty one of the flourishing and victorious reign, on the tenth day of dark fortnight of the lunar
month Bhadrapada this Copper-plate was granted.
This order was executed by the king himself.
May the cows and Brahmanas, be happy. 

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