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Should India be declared a Hindu Nation

As we all are aware that Mughal invaders were not only responsible for demolishing our Hindu temples since 712 AD, but were also responsible for large scale violence against hindus. They created several islamic nations in asia after eliminating  hindu population. During 1947 partition based on religion, they had dragged out millions of hindus & Sikhs, from their ancestral lands. Jinnah & Gandhi facilitated making of a muslim nation, on the dead bodies of hindus.

The congress leadership and the muslim league had cheated a large hindu population of west Punjab, Sindh, Kashmir and East Bengal. Uprooted hindu population must question the legality of 1947 partition based on religion, which led to elimination of Hindu population from muslim part of Partitioned india only, while muslims of Hindu part of India stayed back.   Governments of Pakistan & India are accountable for the betrayal and must compensate for hindu losses. Hindus must file case against Pakistan and India in International court of justice or Supreme courts of respective Countries for the 1947 cruelty, which led to loss of two million hindu lives & loss of their homes, lands & pilgrimages.

It is important to highlight here that “blacks in USA” had asked for full compensation for their Ill treatment as slaves since 1800.
Government of India has also been extending benefits to scheduled casts since last seven decades as it is presumed that there were some injustices to this population.
Then where’s the harm if hindu population which suffered  during partition, approach appropriate courts against Governments of India and the Islamic nations.

Armenia asked for apology from Turkey over genocide.
China has asked apology from Japan over war crimes.

Hindus should also ask for apology from the British, Pakistan & Gandhian leadership of India for the Hindu Holocaust and compensation in lieu of loss of their ancestral properties and Loss of lives, during illegal & unethical partition, authored by them.
This issue needs to be raised at National Courts, international court of Justice as well as the United Nations.
All the affected people irrespective of their Religion Cast or Community should be given Justice .
 Grievances of hindus, may only be addressed if India is declared as a Hindu nation and losses of individual agrieved hindu families are adequately compensated.
(A hindu nation ie Swaraj is a fundamental right of the hindu population of India, which was betrayed by the then  coward leadership.

What do you say ?

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