Stress Management

Stress in our life is dependent on our physical health, quality of our interpersonal relationships, commitment, responsibilities, expectations & events of our life. Excessive Stress leads to change in our emotion/ behaviour pattern, nervousness, anxiety, changes in eating habits loss of energy & mood changes. Stress can be lessened if we take interest in our jobs & be cautious on our Food Habits & Think positive. Yoga/Meditation/Exercises reduce stress. Some times calculated doses of Situational/Time stresses may provide motivation & courage to face challenges of life. Stress free life always, is not good.

As we are aware that rajasik food is heavy to digest & may add to stress level while tamasik food (Non Veg) is unnatural & therefore always lead to aggressive mood swings. Therefore our behavioural traits are constantly shaped by our own food habits. Painful Memories of our Life may also adversely effect our work habits & behaviour & Get deeply registered in our minds. This fact may effect our behaviour pattern. An individual may also behave differently under similar stressful situations. Our behaviour depends on our state of mind, temperament & our food habits.
Stress Anxieties & Tensions are based on our perceptions also. We definitely have control on our behavioural traits while we may be under stressful situations. We must Embrace life in whatever form it comes to us. we may turn our loneliness as a boon by enjoying music, reading, take interest in books, playing etc. Practice of Positive thoughts free us from day to day doses of stresses & may bring emotional stability. If we perform our jobs of our interest, then we get happiness. Peace and happiness comes from within us. Self-acceptance, Self-worth, Self-esteem & Self-Sufficiency are motivators giving us emotional stability. Any event which brings us happiness may turn into great sorrow, if something goes wrong. We must strive to have stable mind ie Above happiness & Sorrow. Happiness depends on our frame of mind. Most of the time expectations, desires, materialistic success, failures are the main causes of happiness/sorrow. Without pain, there’s no pleasure & without pleasure, there’s no pain. Without both, there’s no life. We need both for our development & for reaching perfection.

Miseries and pleasures are part of our life & can never ever be permanent. Counselling mind to positive thinking & consistent efforts to erase painful memories definitely help us in improving our behavioral traits. Individuals may suffer less, only if they consider their miseries as part of their life. Happiness/Sadness depends on our perception, our reaction to & interpretation of different situations as suffering/happiness always depend on individual’s emotions~mohanalok


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