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The Creator






 We attribute every Good & Bad to God which is perception of our conscious mind & there’s no cosmic significance. God always exist in our body mind & soul. While purpose of our existence lies in our conscious mind based on our objectives & missions of our life. God gives us inspiration for fulfilling our dreams. Universe is a self sustaining system. If anything goes wrong, the system solves the problem ie Ecological balance. Physical universe is the only evidence of existence of God. Our universe is expanding The living or non living objects are also evolving. The universe has boundaries and the system can not sustain without its growth. The universe could not have been built without a creator. We turn to religion to discover our creator. God has created us brilliantly. None of his creations match each other. All his creations are special among themselves. God may have total control over nature and the disasters may have been taking place to balance all energies of nature. Natural disasters of universe are beyond the interpretations of we humans. Whether they are Gods will or purely scientific but we have to learn a lot. Natural disasters may be for balancing of the systems of nature. When we humans get into the way of these systems of natural processes we ask for troubles. Whether natural disasters occur or not we all may have to die one day. God therefore wants us to remember death and follow his divine guidance. ~mohanalok

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