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The ugly face of gossip

The ugly face of gossip

We, generally, come across some people , who take more interest in discussing about others then their own business & their own imperfections. Most people, who gossip really do not have any other job, then discussing some non issues & may cause a harm to others, knowingly or unknowingly.

We see such petty people, in a habit of gossiping purposefully, and deceitfully. They collect some vague information about others, talk to you, may or may not see your side of the story, and then just twist the things around and then sabotage people delibrately & make some one upset.
They may also try to encourage people to say something against someone.

They have least idea that gossip may harm, some one’s soul as their own souls have been corrupted due their imperfections.

We all are aware that this is human nature to peep into other people’s lives. We guess and assume about people, doubt about other’s personal life, work, success or failures, and so on.
Gossipers have nothing better to do.

A lot of harm can be done by gossip, even when no harm is initially intended. The problem with gossip is, what starts as a ‘harmless’ exercise, can sometimes develop into the some thing very harmful.

Like ‘Chinese whispers exercise’ the gossip can alter in form, as it moves outward from the initial gossips. By the time, it’s moved to another group of people, it might have morphed into something negative and hurtful.

. Gossip is harmful mainly, because untruths and half-truths are told as if they are the only true side of some story.

We are known world wide as habitual Rumor Mongrers who are in habit of sensationalising any thing without any concrete cause.

A Gossip never gives the targeted individuals any choice to present his side of truth & may spin out of control, and may create an atmosphere of ganging up, against any weak individual so as to facilitate bullying him.

To sum up “Gossip is an exercise by some people, who are always in competition, who want to see down fall of their fellow human beings in spite of their own imperfections , no matter how innocent or straight forward, others are.

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